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Between bird flu killing off tens of millions of chickens and egg laying hens, along with the unbelievable amount of food processing plants, processing plants and factories destroyed by explosions, fires and even a couple of airplanes crashing into them, mixed with plant viruses, drought and a number of other issues all affecting America’s food supply, and now see that ports all across the U.S. are reporting unprecedented levels of cargo theft, led by consumables, the past few years have not been good for our food supply chain. 

In 2020: The lockdowns upended up the entire food supply chain, with restaurant and school closures causing a lack of demand, forcing farmers and ranchers to dump food, kill crops, and euthanize animals.

In 2021 and 2022, we saw more than a 100 incidents of food facilities, including mass kill offs of chickens.

Also in 2022 and 2023 the war between Russia and Ukraine caused wheat and fertilizer shortages, hiking the price of bread, and forcing farmers into an untenable position of smaller crops.

In 2022 and 2023 we saw plant viruses affecting lettuce, weather events affecting orange crops, drought condition causing farmers and ranchers to yet again destroy crops and sell off cattle before calving.

On top of all that, food inflation has continued to rise with no real end in sight.

The most recent incident was an explosion of a chocolate factory in Pennsylvania, leaving two dead and multiple people missing.

What are the odds of all of that happening, in the course of a three year period, coincidentally? While the exact number is unknown, I would say those odds are astronomical.

We’ll leave that for readers to discuss in the comment section. 

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Despite media propaganda the banking crisis is far from over and if actions taken by the federal government fail to work, many Americans could lose what money they have in the bank, which is why it may benefit us all to keep just what is needed for bills in the bank, keeping the rest safe at home.

Another suggestion would be precious metals. In an SQ note the other day on a story over at Newsweek about Deutsche bank collapse risk growing, he offered the following note: “MY METALS COMPANY RPM HAS BOTH GOLD AND SILVER MAPLE LEAFS AVAILABLE FOR LESS THAN WEEK DELIVERY CALL 406-586-4840 ASK FOR TYLER OR SEND ME EMAIL”

We at ANP recommend Steve because after years of friendship, he has always shown integrity and been trustworthy. For the record, we do not make a cent off of precious metal sales, we simply prefer Steve because we trust him implicitly.

Next up, we see a number of foods and consumables that are expected to see further inflation and/or shortages, to include more fruits vegetables as crops suffer from a variety of issues, such as drought, fertilizer costs, plant viruses a cut off of palm oil exports from Indonesia.

We’ll deal with the fruits and vegetables a little further below because it is spring and many are getting ready to start your spring gardens.

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For those that are feeling industrious, you can also learn how to make your own cooking oils from scratch, which in the case of SHTF, will come in handy after you run out of oil and have no place to buy any more. 

These oils can also be used for other purposes than cooking and best yet, in a SHTF scenario, will be great bartering items.

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Another shortage/inflation consumable that continues to be listed is bread, wheat, flour as their appears to be no end-date for the war in Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine produce close to 20% of the worlds cereal grains, so this too is a problem that is getting worse, not better.

Just a few basic items made from wheat, include but are not limited to; 

MuffinsNoodlesPastaBiscuits, CakesPastriesCereal barsCrackersBreadsWhole wheat wrapsFlour tortillas

Once again, the answer is to make it all yourself, from scratch.

Wheat Berries

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Grain Mills: (Different price ranges)

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In the comment section we have been seeing folks talk about spring planting, which is a good thing because lettuce, tomatoes and corn are still being listed as potential shortages and/or rising prices, due to a variety of reasons.

A lot of our longtime ANP readers grow some of their own food, but we do get new readers everyday, people that lurk, those that email us but do not comment, and encouraging folks to become as self-sufficient as they possibly can when it comes to food, is in our minds, critical to surviving any type of SHTF scenario.

No matter how much space you have, you can grow enough fruits and vegetables for a family, and possibly enough to can up for future use.


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For outdoor, or indoor if space allows, garden beds of all sizes can be found that can be utilized to get as much grown as possible for the space being worked with.

Plant grow bags are also a space-saving and easy way to grow everything from potatoes to tomatoes to carrots, etc.

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Herb Kits:

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It seems that almost every day something is happening to our food supply, resulting in the perfect storm. 

With the banking system still volatile, food being stolen from ports all across the country, Biden pushing us towards a nuclear world war, all amidst an ongoing food inflation crisis, survival should be on everyone’s mind.

The odds of everything listed above happening all within a few years, all continuing to affect our food supply, are simply astronomical unless you at least consider that it is all by design


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