Desiring God or Desiring Influence – Warren & Piper – Part 2
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Desiring God or Desiring Influence – Part 2 – Excerpt

The Emergent Rick Warren

Warren is called an “Evangelical”, but I would contend that he is a “New Evangelical”. The heart of New Evangelicalism is this: It is a repudiation of all so called “negative” aspects of biblical Christianity.
The New Evangelical will NOT preach plainly against sin. He will NOT practise separation. He will NOT identify and expose false teachers. He has repudiated this type of “negativism”, in spite of the fact that it is plainly a part of the whole counsel of God. Warren, Prince, Hybels, Osteen and many others walk this yellow brick road.
RW, with a congregation of over 20,000 members, has re-branded Christianity, and propagated his form of it in churches around the globe. Warren’s philosophy and ideas (actively employed by Brian Houston of Hillsong), rather than being biblical, are based on the New Age. 30
Here are some concerning quotes from Warren that line up almost word for word with a famous New Ager Alice Bailey:
I happen to know people who are followers of Christ in other religions.
– Rick Warren