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Catholics Come Home: God’s Extraordinary Plan for Your Life

December 20, 2012– Atlanta (Roswell), GA —Catholics Come Home® enthusiastically announces the release of Founder and President Tom Peterson’s first book, Catholics Come Home: God’s Extraordinary Plan for Your Life, with a foreword by Dr. Scott Hahn. The book will be released in early February, but it is available now for pre-order.

Tom Peterson built his career as an award-winning national corporate advertising executive over the last thirty years. Now, as founder and president of the apostolate, he shares stories from his own faith journey and offers inspiration for believers from all walks of life, whether lapsed or practicing, to deepen their faith and draw them closer to Jesus and His Church.

Catholics—and even non-Catholics—are offering praise for his new book:

“We are in the midst of a New Evangelization 
and I believe this book is a signal moment in its success.”
—Dr. Scott W. Hahn, author of The Lamb’s Supper and Signs of Life

“This book’s powerful message contains both a heartfelt invitation — ‘Catholics, come home!’—and an encouraging statement of an often overlooked fact— ‘Catholics come home!’ With enthusiasm, humility, and
 wisdom born of his own lived experience Tom Peterson lays 
out the salient reasons for both.”

—Patrick Madrid, author of Envoy for Christ: Twenty-Five Years as a Catholic Apologist

“Catholics Come Home is a powerful sacramental, a means of grace. It is a willing, waiting taxi to take us home, to our home away from home, the 
Catholic Church, the mystical body of Christ.”

—Dr. Peter Kreeft, author of Handbook of Christian Apologetics

Let me pause here, and add a further testimonial from Dr. Peter Kreeft, as quoted in a 2010 book titled “Natural Law” by Robert Morey:

“…explicit knowledge of the incarnate Jesus is not necessary for salvation.” ~ Peter Kreeft  (page 355, Natural Law, published 2010 Xulon Press)

“We are in the midst of a New Evangelization; and I believe this book is a signal moment in its success. It is also a sign that will lead many folks back home to the family of God, which is Catholic Church,” —Dr. Scott W. Hahn, author of The Lamb’s Supper and Signs of Life (former Protestant turned Catholic “evangelist”)

The mission of Tom Peterson and Catholics Come Home to bring souls home to Jesus and the church is critically important during this challenging time in our history. I fully support this New Evangelization project.”
—Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life

There’s not an evangelical in sight, and yet Warren has stamped his innoculous approval on this book??
– Souls home to Jesus, and at the same time to the Catholics in the same breath?
– Bringing Catholics home during this challenging time?
– He FULLY supports this new Evangelization project??

WHY — because it is exactly how Warren promotes and markets his own church! Never mind the gospel, we will just go ‘gaga’ over numbers, and the big C is our best example of getting the numbers…

In 2005, Warren said the following;

“It really doesn’t matter what your label is. If you love Jesus, we’re on the same team,” he said.

He said that God uses many churches and traditions to meet broad and varied spiritual needs.

“Now I don’t agree with everything in everybody’s denomination, including my own. I don’t agree with everything that Catholics do or Pentecostals do, but what binds us together is so much stronger than what divides us,” he said.

I really do feel that these people are brothers and sisters in God’s family. I am looking to build bridges with the Orthodox Church, looking to build bridges with the Catholic Church, with the Anglican church, and say ‘What can we do together that we have been unable to do by ourselves?’

“Catholics Come Home inspires each of us to share God’s love with others, in order to help change the world for the better, for eternity!”
—Roma Downey, Touched by an Angel actress, and co-producer of the History Channel series The Bible

“[Tom Peterson] has a statistically verifiable program of bringing people back to the Church.”
—Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, Archbishop of New York

Peterson is also available for speaking engagements for the Year of Faith.


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The Image/Random House book entitled, “Catholics Come Home…God’s Extraordinary Plan for Your Life” authored by Tom Peterson, with Foreward by Dr. Scott Hahn.