Russian forces in N Syria

A Russian Special Services squad on a suicide mission has destroyed an Anunnaki hive 44 miles west of Istanbul near the Marmara Sea, according to Federal Service Bureau (FSB) agent Dimitri Osmosovich. Spetznas soldiers, he said, planted an “Anunnaki killing device” in an old munitions factory the creatures used to launch incursions into central Turkey. Putin’s elite troops miraculously bypassed Anunnaki patrols and traps to affix the innovative ordnance on a support column in the center of the structure.

At 13:59 pm (local time), they detonated the weapon, vaporizing themselves and nearly 100 vicious Anunnaki warriors in an unprecedented act of heroic bravery.



Osmosovich says the weapon is a three-stage device;

First, it emits a continuous blast of infrasound at or below 10hz, frequencies proven to “stun” Anunnaki into a temporary, catatonic-like state. This prevents them from summoning their favorite means of transport, interdimensional portals only they can see.

Then, it radiates “expanding plasma pulses” that heat surrounding air to 2500 C, hot enough to not only melt Anunnaki skin but also liquify their endo-and-exoskeletons.

Thirdly, the weapon emits a “seismic displacement wave” that destroys molecular bonding at a cellular level. The cumulative effect all but guarantees nothing on Earth—human or extraterrestrial—survives the detonation, which reportedly has a kill radius of 2.5km.


After effects include seismic instability and crustal displacement up to 100km from the blast point, Osmosovich explained.


In fact, a 5.7 magnitude earthquake coincided with the detonation, and the USGS and other reporting agencies placed the epicenter in the sea of Marmara, more than 50km from the Anunnaki den. Despite the distance discrepancies, Osmosovich said the weapon can trigger earthquakes anywhere within the 100km destruction zone.

“The weapon is imperfect. We have not had time to refine it. We find out it works against these Anunnaki and use it. The weapon’s unique dynamics make it impossible to tell where, if any, earthquakes trigger within the zone. In fact, President Putin called Erdoğan, and warned him the bomb might cause a 5-7 magnitude quake in Turkey,” Osmosovich said.

Erdoğan allegedly told Putin to “do it,” with full knowledge of the weapon’s destructive power and chance of causing catastrophic collateral damage.

“Erdoğan told Putin he didn’t care if 1000 Turkish people died, as long as the Anunnaki were slain along with them.

Fortunately, it didn’t come to that. But he was willing to sacrifice 1000 to save millions; the mark of a true leader. Putin told him that Anunnaki may come back, in greater numbers, as they’ve done in response to attacks in Yemen and Afghanistan. But Erdoğan wanted them destroyed. Putin’s hatred of all extraterrestrial life compelled him to help. Eight Russian fighting men sacrificed themselves for the mission, for which they volunteered, each one of them. They will undoubtedly be decorated, posthumously, with the medal ‘Hero of the Russian Federation’, for conspicuous acts of unapparelled bravery. It is a great honor,” Osmosovich said.

The victory over the vermin near Istanbul, however, has not solved all of Turkey’s Anunnaki woes.

As reported on September 4, Erdoğan asked Putin to eradicate a roving band of Anunnaki that butchered a Turkish army platoon near the city of Mardin. We have been unable to confirm any resolution to that specific request.

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