by Coercion Code l 6 Nov 2014

Halloween can start a week or two earlier than actual Halloween.

They pick their victims  for the sacrifice and hold them in a special place where they cant be found. These people  or children are  tortured in the most sickest of ways. Then its a ritual just about every day  from the 28th. Where the victims become the sacrifice. Demons are called upon and sex with demons  goes on. Animals can also be sacrifices to during these rituals. It all culminates on the Nov 4th with the satanic revels,where again a victim is chosen a female to be the one who is raped in every orifice a female has by every member of the coven.

Because  they believe they gain power from sex, demons and blood each of these are offered and done in order to receive power ,plus also as a worship and offering to satan. So that is why you have  sacrifices and rapes going on. Because both appease satan and with both, you have an invoking of demons. Halloween is huge on the shedding of blood ,which is drunk and also smeared all over the coven members.  its literally a frenzy of blood, and we cant describe how demonic they get when they spill the blood, drink it and smear it all over themselves. Words cant describe  the looks on their faces as this all goes on.

Words cant describe the evil that goes on in the form of torture of the victims, and then the sacrifice of them And words cant  describe the sexual frenzy that also occurs.

So when all of this is going on worldwide with demons being called upon, and at the same time people are out there innocently ‘trick or treating’, having halloween parties etc, the world is literally saturated with demonic and satanic power, because of this gross sin.

If Kirk Cameron really understood the real reason for Halloween, and we are talking the satanic  rituals, the animal and human sacrifices,especially of children would he be sooo gung ho to celebrate it and promote it, as he has?

Oh that God could open up his eyes to the real reason Halloween is  celebrated.

Because its not the trick or treating or halloween parties that everyday people do., its the satanists day in reality and they know it.

Also the feast of the nether world rituals that can be celebrated too,and some even go to the 7th November.

So basically it goes from one ritual to another. One can’t imagine how sick in mind & body  and we don’t mean physically we mean spiritually  and mentally one would end up after these rituals

Nov. 1-6 Satanic/Occult All Souls Day
The Isia
Feast of Nether World
Isis 6 days
Ritual Drama search for pieces of Osiris
parting of the astral  Veil lResurrection of Osir