Limoges: suicide of a police commissioner

FRANCE 3 LIMOUSINJust over a year after he discovered the lifeless body of item 3 of SRPJ of Limoges, the number 2 service has committed suicide yesterday on his workplace with his service weapon.


We learned this morning, a Commissioner SRPJ Limoges has committed suicide last night in his office with his service weapon . Information confirmed by his superiors. It is unknown at this time the reasons for his actions. He would have killed himself that night to 1 hour.

The Commissioner Helric Fredou aged 45 years was from Limoges began his career in 1997 as a police officer at the regional office the judicial police of Versailles, before returning to Limoges. He was deputy director of the regional police service since 2012. His father was a former police officer, his mother was a nurse in the emergency context CHU Limoges. He was single and had no children.

According to the police union commissioner was depressed and experiencing burnout ….Really?

In November 2013, the Commissioner Fredou had discovered the lifeless body of his colleague, number 3 of SRPJ Limoges, who had also committed suicide with his service weapon in his office. He was also 44 years old.

The Commissioner Fredou, like all agents SRPJ worked yesterday on the case of the massacre at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo . In particular, he surveyed the family of one of the victims. He killed himself before completing its report. A psychological cell was set up in the police station.

Whoa… Here is the first REAL conspiracy involving this entire mess. There is definately something going on here. And while I can imagine feeling depressed over something like this, I cant see myself killing myself whilein the middle of it. Maybe there is a curse? I’m just thinkingb out loud. What do you guys think?

Mossad wrapping up loose ends?

Maybe this guy foundsomething that shook his core so hard he had to end his life?