Many are going to be swept away all the way down to the Florida coast

New York_tsunami-1024x594

We are waiting for some of the worst things to come to the United States

I wrote over a year ago the warning of a great deluge to come to New York City

A dream which Ken Misari had back on the Thursday, 5th January 2012

‘In the dream I was shown that the ocean is going to pour out its waters onto the land. And as it does this, the sea/ocean was going to kill many people and shortly thereafter the rapture of the Holy church of Christ would take place.

In this dream, I was shown that the LORD God Almighty had strategically placed His end-time servants to be whistle blowers and that each one had a crucial role to play as end-time watchmen.”

Take heed people this event is only months away.

Please listen and take to heart the following video