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Israel Is Home – Europe’s Jews

Netanyahu tells Jews to ‘move to Israel’ after Danish attacks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.



Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has urged European Jews to move to Israel after a Jewish man was killed in an attack outside Copenhagen’s main synagogue.

“Israel is your home. We are preparing and calling for the absorption of mass immigration from Europe,” Netanyahu said in a statement, repeating a similar call made after attacks by Islamic extremists in Paris last month that killed 17 people, including four Jews.

Two police officers were also wounded in Sunday’s attack, one of two fatal shootings in the normally peaceful Danish capital on the weekend.

In the first attack on Saturday a 55-year-old man was killed at a panel discussion about Islam and free speech attended by a Swedish cartoonist behind controversial caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed.

“Extremist Islamic terrorism has struck Europe again… Jews have been murdered again on European soil only because they were Jews,” Netanyahu said in the statement.

The Israeli prime minister said his government was to adopt a $45 million (39.5 million euro) plan “to encourage the absorption of immigrants from France, Belgium and Ukraine”.

“To the Jews of Europe and to the Jews of the world I say that Israel is waiting for you with open arms,” Netanyahu said.

He had made a similar call after three days of bloodshed in Paris that started with the January 7 attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo where 12 people were gunned down, followed the next day by the shooting death of a policewoman just outside the city.

On January 9, the gunman who killed the policewoman took hostages at a kosher supermarket in Paris. He killed four Jewish hostages before police shot him dead when they raided the store.

The bodies of the four were later flown to Israel where they were buried.

Officials in Copenhagen described the weekend attacks as an act of terror and said the man believed to be behind the shootings was shot dead after opening fire on police at a rail station.

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman sent condolences to Danish counterpart Martin Lidegaard over the attacks, telling him Israel “appreciates Denmark’s cooperation in maintaining the security of Israelis and Jews in Denmark.”

A statement from the foreign ministry quoted Lieberman as telling Lidegaard that Israel was “ready for any cooperation required on this issue”.

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One thought on “Israel Is Home – Europe’s Jews

  1. Like we said God is using all the illuminati plans etc to bring about his prophecies to pass. That in itself is priceless. That those who hate God so much are actually fulfilling biblical prophecy, and making it to come to pass by their actions. God has already foretold the Jews will go back to the homeland. The land that he gave them so many many yrs ago.The land that only belongs to them, and not the Palestinians like the social network justice warriors, and the muslims claim. Sadly though so do some christians, who have no idea about the truth of the bible. There are christians who openly side with the Palestinians and muslims so much, you would swear they are muslim, and not christian.Its sickening to see.
    There is a scripture in the bible that christians should really take stock of but don’t. And that is if they curse the Jews ,God will curse them. And many many christians by siding with the muslims against the Jews, and the Palestinians over the land of Israel are guilty of that.Because they are speaking and believing a lie from the pit of hell. Because that land does not, and never will belong to the Palestinians. Not from Gods point of view anyways. We look forward to seeing what happens as God fulfills end time prophecy where the Jews are concerned. Because its such a pivotal part of the end times.

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