Originally posted 13th April 2015

Everyone in the alternative media has been made aware of the upcoming operational “drills” happening in the United States under the name “Jade Helm”.    There have been those that have proclaiming that these drills could be both a test and the prelude to when the US Government imposes their planned Martial Law across America.   It is also surprising that most of the American people are totally unaware of these drills taking place in what is supposed to be a “free” nation!

The Canadian Armed Forces, the United States Army National Guard and the United States Army Reserve are undertaking a joint logistical transport activity, dubbed Exercise MAPLE CARAVAN, from March 17 to April 18.

During this period, more than 70 military vehicles and training equipment will travel in groups of a dozen trucks over the approximately 4,000 km by road from Valcartier, Quebec to Wainwright, Alberta,

Each time, the convoy will overnight in Kapuskasing. Their first a dozen stops was March 18. They made two other overnight stops that week.

Exercise MAPLE CARAVAN will include approximately 325 personnel from the Canadian Army, the U.S. Army National Guard and the U.S. Army Reserve.

 It is in support of Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE, which is a high-readiness exercise that will be conducted from April 20 to May 23, 2015 at the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre in Wainwright, Alberta.

The convoy of drab tan colored trucks with empty flatbed trailers in tow, rumbled their way through the crossing gate of the longest international boundary in the world, the U.S. and Canadian border, and began the first leg of an epic journey.

The Soldiers are from the 619th Transportation Company, 812th Transportation Battalion, 103rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command. They are part of Exercise Maple Caravan, a joint training exercise which provides transportation assets to the Canadian army to move a variety of Canadian equipment more than 2,500 miles from Val Cartier to Camp Wainwright.

The first convoy of 11 M1915A5 trucks began entering Canada March 16 and made its way into Kapuskasing two days later. Others followed and more will come in the weeks ahead.

“This is very important because this is the first time Army Reserve and National Guard Soldiers have done a joint long haul mission across Canada,” said Staff Sgt. Michael Grant, a truck driver and native of Milford, Maine, assigned to the 619th Transportation Company, 812th Transportation Battalion, 103rd ESC. “This is a real world mission, and our soldiers will get to see the payoff for all their work and training.”

The convoy, which originated in Dexter, Maine, traveled approximately 200 miles to Canadian Army Base Val Cartier located just outside Quebec City, Quebec, to pick up equipment. The object was to load up Canadian military equipment and deliver it to Alberta.

“The Canadian army needs our help to accomplish this mission and so it’s more of a teamwork exercise,” Grant said. “It is very interactive and the feedback is good on both sides.”

“This is probably the best hands-on training we can get because we are doing exactly what we would do overseas with a friendly ally like Canada,” said Spc. Allen Avery, a wheeled vehicle mechanic from Milford, Maine, assigned to the 619th Transportation Company. “We are two different armies, but we have similar values and at the end of the day, it is one team, one fight.”

Three convoys per week for three more weeks will be making the same journey.

BUT I caught something important today at the Investment Watch Blog website,  www.investmentwatchblog.com that absolutely shocked me ” …    First, here is that article and video for all to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

MAPLE RESOLVE: Huge Drill In Canada Starts April 20th, More Troops Than Jade Helm

Maple Resolve will be conducted at the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre in Wainwright, Alberta from April 20 to May 23. The exercise will involve nearly 4,500 military personnel from Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

And then there is the 133 Target Stores.

Target Canada closed every last one of the chain’s department stores on Sunday, but not before six employees in Victoria, British Columbia, sent theirs off with a proper farewell.

The bottom line: Target grew huge by building 130,000-square-foot stores in suburbs. Now it’s seeking growth with smaller stores in cities.

This leaves Millions of Square Feet Just Sitting there Empty.
These facilities would serve as the Perfect place to House Thousands of People In A Disaster or False Flag Event.

All tho many of these buildings may be sold in the future, it is important to keep an eye on all future activity at these locations. If you see anything suspicious, Let me know. Ill do my best to cover the story



Footage of Convoy:


Blackwater In Canada: