Intellihub editors note: The following article and video report contain extremely important information that should be viewed by all Americans concerned about the upcoming Jade Helm realistic military training exercise.

It now appears that Jade Helm has unofficially gone live a month early and has spread across the globe with numerous massive training exercises happening throughout the world. 

This truly is unprecedented.


By Gary Franchi | Next News Network

EUROPE | It is going down folks – the final battle of Saber Strike 15 – you’re watching it right now – multinational forces colliding on the battlefield. A show of force on public display, unlike we’ve seen since World War 2 – did you see this on the news? EXACTLY.

As you know I have been tracking recent troop movements and rhetoric spewing from global leaders for weeks now. With so much action this week I decided it was best to consolidate the madness into this one report that you need to watch to the end to grasp the full scope of what is happening globally RIGHT NOW.

First, JADE HELM 15. From my assessment it appears Jade Helm has unofficialy gone live EARLY, splintered into multiple exercises, and gone global. But that is not the half of it.

Officially it begins in July, on the same weekend the elite meet safely in Bohemian Grove. And get this, the start date actually coincides with the Cremation of Care ritual. Some speculate it actually represents the physical manifestation of the Cremation of America.

While that may be a stretch other theories range from martial law takeover to training for an Iranian invasion.

But given the extreme intensification of military exercises worldwide in coordination with NATO the Jade Helm 15 preparation could most likely be targeted at Russia and China. Lets take a look at what transpired over the past few days.

This week 4 international pre-Jade Helm splinter drills kicked off. OPERATION NOBLE JUMP, OPERATION SABER STRIKE, OPERATION BALTOP, and OPERATION EAGLE TALON.

From the Australian Defence website

What is Exercise Talisman Sabre?

The Talisman Sabre series of exercises is a major Australian and United States military training exercise focused on the planning and conduct of mid-intensity “high end” warfighting. This will be the sixth time the Exercise has been conducted and will involve up to 30,000 Australian and US defence personnel.

TS15 will incorporate force preparation activities, Special Forces activities, amphibious landings, parachuting, land force manoeuvre, urban operations, air operations, maritime operations and the coordinated firing of live ammunition and explosive ordnance from small arms, artillery, naval vessels and aircraft.

When is it being held?

TS15 is scheduled to take place early to mid-July 2015. The Exercise itself will take place over approximately 20 days, with Force preparation and demobilisation activities carried out in the weeks leading up to and after the Exercise.

As well BALTOPS 2015 is a major naval exercise involving 5,600 naval and ground forces taking place in Poland, Sweden, Germany and throughout the Baltic Sea. The exercise is designed to solidify interoperability, and display the power of allied and partner forces to defend the Baltic region. A total of 49 ships, 61 aircraft (including B-52 Bombers), one submarine and a combined landing force of 700 Swedish, Finnish, UK and US troops are participating from 17 NATO nations and partner nations.

OPERATION SABER STRIKE includes 6,000 troops from 13 countries and features the integration of U.S. close air support with partner nation ground forces and a demonstration of U.S. air deployment of forces and equipment. All activities will feature joint, multinational training among the participating nations. The video at the beginning of this report was from the Saber Strike final battle.

NOBLE JUMP, also in poland, is the exercise training over 2,100 personnel from 11 Allied nations for the new “Spearhead high readiness force” that includes 5000 land troops. In one drill Czech and Dutch soldiers practiced on the mortar range.

The goal of the new swift reaction force is to deploy within 48 hours notice as part of the Alliance’s larger NATO Response Force, which is being increased to a force level of around 30,000 troops.

EXERCISE EAGLE TALON is a part of Operation ATLANTIC RESOLVE and OPERATION BALTOP it includes Polish F-16 fighter jets from Łask Air Base, Poland, US Airmen from Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany and the South Carolina Air National Guard in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve.

NATO’s Jen Stoltenberg expressed pride in his new reaction force at a recent press conference in the field.

Stoltenberg’s own admission for these actions is ISIS and Russia. Watch his reaction again and you can almost see the smug power he knows he wields against the threats he claims.

When you add it all up and include the 13,000 troops from Operation Hedgehog were talking about a fighting force of 26,700 soldiers prepared to go to war with Russia as the declared threat.

Thirteen hundred miles away, In Spain, Deputy Secretary Anthony Blinken and Spanish Deputy Foreign Minister Ybanez Signing of the U.S.-Spain Amendment. The Amendment allows for permanent placement of a us crisis response force at Morón Air Base in Spain.

The significance of these events cannot be underscored enough. My friends, what you are witnessing is not being reported on by the corporate press. The staggering amount of military exercises occurring RIGHT NOW is unprecedented. Not since the World War 2 have we seen this level of military activity. NATO is provoking Russia with these actions citing Ukraine and Crimea as the reason. Putin responds in turn by adding more nukes to his arsenal.

Now, the fact that Putin is adding 40 new Nuclear ICBMs to the Russian Arsenal and executing his own JADE HELM level exercises in September we all need to take pause.

These leaders have the power to destroy the planet in their hands. Both sides are threatening to use NUKES and escalating tensions beyond repair.


Jade Helm goes GLOBAL: Official start date coincides with Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care ritual