Jonathan Cahn has released a video outlining that we are nearer now to experiencing divine judgment.

He warns that a “great shaking is coming to America and the World”.  He believes that sometime during September could bring about an “Economic Collapse, Financial Collapse, and a shaken even greater then those realms”!

The Shemtiah is part of the prophetic Harbinger which is nearly upon us. Cahn reiterates that the gay agenda has pushed us closer to the impending disaster.

The Shemtiah can bring blessing to a nation following God, but can be a curse if  it spiritually fails to follow him.

America is fitting the bill of a nation that continues to turn it’s back on God. America has disregarded the eternal laws that heaven itself has ordained. The rejection of America’s  Judeo-Christian foundations can be seen in it’s main stream culture. A moral decay and a desecration of our nation  has taken place. The only hope we have is a revival of a spiritual awakening! Our only Hope is in God alone. We need to be right in life  and our faith in God before the Perfect Storm arrives in September. Darkness is about to fall on the land  and God’s favor is about to be removed from this nation.

Will you be spiritually  prepared for the coming shaken?