One of the most disturbing things about the stars of Hollywood has been their blatant show of their allegiance to the Dark Side.

Their photo shoots, as we will see here, are a testament to their utter disregard for what anyone thinks or if we see their true colors.

The photos, to the unaware viewer, may seem vanguard and alternative, “artsy” as it were, but these photos hold a far more sinister meaning to those of us who are awake and aware of what they truly stand for.

The Elite love playing the game of Hidden in Plain Sight.

They love their deceptions and innuendos and to fool the innocent into believing it is nothing more than just an odd photo or sign.

In this latest Justin Bieber photo shoot for Interview magazine could be described as “edgy” but it only goes to confirm the status of Bieber as a male Beta Slave. 

In this pic, Bieber looks like some kind of boy-toy wearing a S&M-style mask.
The hand written quote above his head is about Michael Jackson – who also happens to be artist who became a slave to the industry at a very young age.
In this next set of photos, Justin presents the One Eye, as verification of his alliance with the Illuminati.
The photos above show bruises all over his back, which could be the result of cupping.
His handlers must find this picture extra erotic.
It can also be interpreted as the illusion of self destruction.
A naked Bieber wearing a creepy clown mask completes this disturbing photo shoot that looks as if it was taken on an unwilling teen that was abused and humiliated in some sort of Satanic ritual.
Kyle Jenner has become an industry pawn and the subject of some highly symbolic magazine covers.

Relishing her role as a Beta Kitten, Kylie Jenner recently graduated from high school.

This was the “official” pic of the graduation that circulated in the media and social networks around the world.
It is a coded way of saying that her education is useless as an industry slave.
The one eye is completely intentional and fitting for the over sexualized teen agenda.
Here is her older sister Chloe, twerking at her graduation party and wearing the animal print of a true Marach slave.

Here is Mariah Carey inside a recording booth which is contains a big Baphomet head in the back.

There is something ritualistic about signing to a Baphomet head and recording the results for mass consumption.
There is something ritualistic about a bunch of young people dancing under a gigantic set of Baphomet horns at the Glastonbury Festival.

The one-eye sign was prominently featured on several  magazine covers in the past week – clearly reminding us who controls mass media.

 Ellen Degeneres shows her pride on the cover of Variety with one of her eyes being physically removed from her head.

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