Here’s a pic. from Healy AK.

A major early snowstorm hit Northern Alaska.  Fairbanks had 6.7″ yesterday (Fri.).  That obliterated the previous daily snowfall record of 0.8″.  Just north of Fairbanks, 9″ was recorded.  Here’s more snowfall totals.

A record low was set at Kodiak AK at 29 and small hail fell at Annette.  Barrow reported 1″ of snow on the ground and Bettles had 3″.  Gulkana had a low of 17.  Arctic Village reported a temp. of 19 and a wind chill of +9.   The high temp. of 34 in Fairbanks was 15 deg. cooler than the average high of 49 for 9/25.   Alaska temperature anomaly is often the opposite of the Great Lakes.  When there is a ridge over Alaska, there is often a trough over the Great Lakes and vice versa.  Here’s snow in Coldfoot AK.   Another wintry scene from Fairbanks.

Alaska’s a big state and all but one of the first order climate stations here is reporting colder than average temps. so far this Sept:   Nome -2.6, Anchorage -2.0, Bethel -2.0, Fairbanks -1.9, Barrow -1.9, King Salmon -1.9, Kotzebue -1.7, McGrath -1.6, Annette -1.2, Yakutat -1.1, Kodiak +0.2.  Look at how snow is accumulating in Alaska, the Yukon Territory and Russia.

Also:  3.62″ of rain in 3 hrs at McCrady Training Center, Eastover, SC.  Sunset at Clifford Lake Friday evening.  Don’t forget the supermoon-eclipse (times at the link are CDT).  Could be mostly cloudy here.  Magnitude-6.2 earthquake 30km (19mi) SW of Ovalle, Chile.  Death Valley, CA, broke its Sept. 25 high temp record with 115 F; old record: 113, 2003.  Fall colors ablaze in the Colorado Rockies.  Damage from strong EF2 tornado on Johns Island, S. Carolina.  The local fire department reported 10 homes suffered heavy damage. Thousands of trees were also uprooted in the area.  Peak winds 130 mph – path at least 7 miles.  Nice pic. of waterspouts in Croatia.