Islam expert says ‘refugees’ part of 5-year plan to conquer Rome, world
Greg Corombos  2nd Oct 2015

ISIS is behind the refugee crisis currently afflicting Europe, and radical Islam expert Robert Spencer says the surge is part of a five-year plan designed by radicals to trigger their apocalyptic vision.

Spencer is director of Jihad Watch at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. His latest book is “The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS.”

In recent weeks, hundreds of thousands of alleged Syrian refugees have arrived in Turkey, Greece and eastern European nations like Hungary and Serbia. Spencer says this was no spontaneous human tide. He says ISIS is right on schedule.

“They threatened last February to send 500,000 refugees into Europe, and they said they were going to have their jihadis among them. The Lebanese education minister just last week said that of the 1.1 million refugees in his country from Syria, there were at least 20,000 active jihadis,” said Spencer.

The flow of refugees is often labeled as Syrian, but Spencer says the reality is far different.

“Eighty percent of these people are not actually Syrians”.
They come under the guise of Syrian refugees but they’ve been discovered to be from all over the Middle East. Their accents betray them. Egyptian Arabic and Moroccan Arabic and Algerian Arabic and Lebanese Arabic are all very different. They show themselves not to be Syrian,” said Spencer.

“They have forged Syrian passports. They’re coming in under the guise of refugees, but they obviously have a very different agenda,” he added.

Not only does Spencer say the refugees were sent west by ISIS, he believes is part of a nightmarish goal.

“They think they are going to bring down several major nations in the next few years and conquer Rome by 2020, just five years from now, obviously not by conventional warfare but by infiltration and subversion like this refugee crisis.” said Spencer.

He says the radical Sunnis believe the fall of Rome would trigger a massive battle between Muslims and non-Muslims, leading to a Muslim victory and eventually Islamic domination of the Earth.

Spencer calls that “apocalyptic fantasy” but says the ISIS threat continues to gather steam because world leaders and President Obama in particular refuse to identify the threat.

“The Obama administration, as Obama underscored again at the U.N., refuses to acknowledge the ideology that guides and motivates and helps the Islamic State among Muslims. Thirty thousand foreign Muslims have now joined it from all over the world,” said Spencer.

He says ISIS has been very clear what drives its actions.

“The Obama administration is saying it has nothing to do with Islam. While the Islamic State is appealing to Muslims on the basis of Islamic texts and teachings. Until we acknowledge that and devise some way to counter it, they’re going to continue to make recruits among peaceful Muslims in that way but the Obama administration is in complete denial,” said Spencer.

“You cannot defeat an enemy you don’t understand. You especially can’t defeat an enemy you refuse to understand,” he said.

Robert Spencer’s book, “The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS,” documents the blood-drenched history and inner workings of the Islamic State — its military conquests, how it is financing its expansion, and the ideology that is driving its success

But is ISIS recruiting through a badly warped interpretation or manipulation if Islam or are they espousing it in its purest form. To Spencer, the answer is clear.

“Pretty much 100 percent. Everything ISIS does is very carefully based on the Quran and the teachings of Muhammad in the Hadith. So they are able to point to chapter and verse and show Muslims, ‘See, we’re the authentic Islamic caliphate because we’re doing what Muhammad did. We’re doing what the Quran says and other Muslim groups aren’t,” said Spencer.

While other Muslim groups are not joining ISIS, Spencer says he’s noticing what else they’re not doing.

“There are no Muslim groups in the United States today, not a single one, that has any program to teach young Muslims why they should reject the ISIS ideology, even though they all condemn and reject it,” said Spencer.

Spencer says defeating ISIS will take force and a long-term ideological campaign to dissuade young Muslims from embracing radical Islam. He says ISIS could be defeated militarily in a matter of weeks but the U.S. just isn’t serious about winning.

“The airstrikes that the Obama administration has sponsored have largely been cosmetic. They haven’t hit the most vulnerable areas. They haven’t hit the leadership. They haven’t hit the long convoys that we see in photographs. When ISIS takes a city and there’s these huge strings of trucks and cars going in and parading around. They don’t hit these obvious targets. They haven’t hit the black market oil tankers, nothing like that,” said Spencer.
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