By Julie Roys April 21 2021

Ravi Margie Zacharias

Margie Zacharias, the widow of the disgraced apologist Ravi Zacharias—and former board member and chief cultural officer for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM)—has broken her silence regarding her late husband’s alleged sexual abuse. 

In an email to her extended family, Margie Zacharias defended her husband, saying that after searching through all of Ravi Zacharias’ personal belongings, she did not find anything “suspicious . . . absolutely nothing to support the claims being made or the charges against him.”

She added: “He could never have kept a secret like they are alleging (alleging, I say, as there is not one whit of evidence to support what they are saying). At the very least, with all the medication he was on at the end and his hallucinations something would have come out.”

Margie Zacharias’ email was posted in a Facebook group called, “Friends who like Ravi Zacharias.” The email was also forwarded to me by a former RZIM director.

In her email, Margie Zacharias also reveals that she’s recently moved out of her home because RZIM had told her that she had to vacate it. She adds that the house “had been promised to me specifically in the case that Ravi died for as long as I wanted it.”

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As The Roys Report reported in October, the house in which Ravi and Margie Zacharias lived was bought in 2018 by an LLC managed by an RZIM executive. RZIM’s 990s also state that RZIM provided a “housing allowance or residence for personal use” to Ravi and Margie Zacharias.

Margie Zacharias’ defense of her husband flies in the face of an investigation by the law firm Miller & Martin, which concluded that Ravi Zacharias had raped a female massage therapist and sexually molested several others over a span of many years. 

It also contradicts the testimony of Lori Anne Thompson, who has provided emailsphone records, and gift receipts confirming her story that Ravi Zacharias had groomed and sexually exploited her.

Ravi Zacharias’ former business partner, Vicki Blue, has also claimed that Zacharias abused her and other therapists at a spa they co-owned, and then threatened to “ruin” her if she spoke.  Anurag Sharma, who co-owned spas with Zacharias and Blue, has similarly testified that Zacharias had a pattern of exposing himself to therapists and masturbating.

Yet in her email, Margie Zacharias is adamant that her husband’s “failures were not in this area.” She adds, “He was spectacularly self-disciplined in his conduct, especially where it would reflect poorly on the Lord. He denied himself every single day in order to fulfill his calling and be pleasing to the Lord. . . .

“Such a man could not be guilty of what is being alleged and there is no evidence at all to support those allegations, not in his personal effects, his financial records, his correspondence, his actions observed by all who knew him over 74 yrs.”

In addition to damning personal testimony, the Miller & Martin investigation also found that RZIM used ministry funds to financially support women Ravi  Zacharias abused, who in turn, felt indebted to Zacharias. This included using a fake humanitarian effort, called Touch of Hope, which was “purely a discretionary fund” and provided wire payments to benefit four of Zacharias’ massage therapists.

According to RZIM organizational charts leaked to The Roys Reportthe person who directed Touch of Hope was Ravi Zacharias’ personal massage therapist, who was well known to RZIM insiders. While Ravi Zacharias was alive, his massage therapist reported directly to Ravi Zacharias. After Zacharias died, his massage therapist reported to Sarah Davis—Ravi and Margie Zacharias’ daughter—along with Margie Zacharias and only five other RZIM employees.

It has not been revealed if Margie Zacharias is the Executrix of Ravi Zacharias’ estate.

According to the Miller & Martin report, the Executrix refused to cooperate with their investigation by granting investigators access to a notebook of evidence Ravi’s lawyer had compiled related to allegations by Lori Anne Thompson. The executrix also has refused to release Thompson and her husband from a non-disclosure agreement they signed with Ravi Zacharias.

Margie Zacharias’ Email: