Is Islam a peace-loving religion as they claim? George Bush, President Obama, the Pope, the leaders of the world all say that it is.  Well, most of us who follow God’s Word know the truth.  This video takes you to Israel, on the inside, and exposes the real plan that is quickly coming to fruition, and you will be floored!

Watch this chilling Israeli interview with Messianic Jewish reporter Shira Sorko-Ram. You will learn about the radical Islamic plan to take over America and why America’s leaders are silent.

Sid Roth traveled to Israel to interview Messianic Jewish reporter Shira Sorko-Ram. He learned about the radical Islamic plan to take over America and why America’s leaders are silent. What Shira reports will shock you.

Looks like Australia has the same problem:

Sydney Suburb of Parramatta is a ‘hot spot’ for extremism, youth may have been recruited at mosque: expert

An expert in anti-terrorism has described Parramatta in western Sydney as a “hot spot” for extremism in the wake of the fatal terror attack on Parramatta Police Station.

Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammad, 15, shot dead staff member Curtis Cheng on Friday afternoon before being fatally shot by a police officer.

Greg Barton, a professor of global Islamic politics at the Alfred Deakin Institute, said radical groups may have used the Parramatta Mosque as a place to find young recruits.

Professor Barton told 702 ABC Sydney two radical groups were associated with the mosque where Farhad prayed before the attack.

“Parramatta has been a hot spot for extremism,” he said.

It seems Islamic State is the game changer – they’re very good at what they do … identifying young people, befriending them, radicalising them.

 – Professor Greg Barton, global Islamic politics expert

“We’ve had the group Street Dawah involved from the Parramatta area and we’ve got another group … calling itself The Shura, or Council.”

Professor Barton said it was possible Farhad came into contact with one of the groups.

“Both of these groups over the last couple of years have dropped into Parramatta Mosque to pray … but also in the other sense of looking around for a young target,” he said.

“There’s also a suggestion of an online connection with the UK – so it seems perhaps to be a hybrid of online friends and offline friends.”

Professor Barton said there were concerns for Jabar’s sister who is thought to have travelled with all her possessions on a Singapore Airlines flight to Istanbul, and may be attempting to reach Iraq or Syria.

“She left the day before the attack so that suggests a level of radicalisation on her part,” he said.

A senior police source also said many of the homes that were part of the Operation Appleby terrorism raids last year were directly linked to the Parramatta mosque.

Many of the residents of those homes attended the centre on a regular basis, the source said.