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Wikipedia is a known CIA disinformation site by anybody with two brain cells to rub together.  They dutifully tell the official fairy tale about 9/11, JFK, Sandy Hoax and any other lie our government pushes.

I had never heard of William Mount until yesterday but I like this guy!  He’s a Christian that knows what’s going on and has done some good work here.  He found out that Wikipedia was loaded up with MASSIVE information within minutes of the crash of Russian Kogalymavia Flight 9268 crashing in northern Sinai on October 31st!  Here’s the listing on CIA-pedia!

Within minutes they had a very detailed listing with over 60 References!  Unless there was prior knowledge about what was going to happen to Kogalymavia Flight 9268 how did the listing get up there within minutes!

Within a few minutes of the plane going down there was detailed information on exactly where the plane went down with dozens of references!   I my mind, this proves this was an inside job.  Did the CIA do it?  Did Mossad do it?  Did the ISIS proxy army for the US and Israel do it?  I don’t know but this Wikipedia evidence shows it was an inside job just like 9/11!

Wikipedia Edits Prove Russian Airliner Take Down An Inside Job!

Everything we’re being told is now a lie!  As William states in this video, the ONLY thing we can do is PRAY!   Pray the evil is exposed, pray they don’t get their war in Syria and drag the US into it.

Another view point:

Either way Its America backing this thing!