Lance Goodall   12th Nov 2015

The following is a brief list of dark symbology used by artists and record companies:


  1. Butterfly tattoos, clothes, belts, hats, and other fashion accessories; proof of mind-control because they refer to the MK-Ultra Project Monarch operation.
  2. Black and white checker¬boards or lines symbolise duality and good/evil. A more subtle variation on this theme is the stock portrait photo which hides half of a star’s face in shadow.
  3. Mirrors and shattered glass represent the way the mind is shattered and mirrored during mental torture. Mirrored personalities represent hidden ‘alters’ who can be made to surface at will with appropriate trigger imagery.
  4. Big cats, including lions, panthers and tigers, and domestic cats which are usually black or white and spiky rather than fluffy. Leopard-print clothing also qualifies. The message is that fierce pussies suggest animalistic sexual impulses.
  5. Hello Kitty toys are a more childish version of the same idea. Interestingly, the Urban Dictionary describes Hello Kitty as a “Japanese mass-casualty weapon… Doctors warn that even low-level exposure may cause a perfectly sound mind to crack.”
  6. Birdcages, chains and other symbolism of imprisonment represent physical and psycho¬logical bondage in a very literal way.
  7. Pink, purple and rainbow colours: it’s hard to see these as sinister, but purple is apparently used to reinforce programming. The rainbow represents psychological splitting.
  8. Doll symbolism often appears in fashion shoots to reinforce the mind-controlled nature of a model, who can be posed at will.
  9. The Marilyn Monroe look, blonde and classic, is proof that a woman has been ‘Stepforded’ and no longer has any individuality.
  10. And finally, photographers, fashion designers and directors sometimes succumb to laziness and include more traditional occult symbols such as pentagrams, pyramids (with and without the Eye of Horus), horned animal skulls, and other familiar standards.

Experimental results

Note descriptions 2 and 3 above and watch the following Hillsong Videos:

Note the mirrors

Black and white

2015 Conference and the subliminal pyramid inside a Hexagon at the 1:10 min mark 

What are they trying to do?

Simply put Hillsong are using these videos and events to attempt to alter a person’s state of consciousness through music. This makes Hillsong extremely dangerous!!

I don’t know about you, but these two conference videos show overt use ‘frequency’, flashing lights, strobes, black and white lines which can all bring altered states.

This ‘tripping’ is made more successful if other senses are involved.

There are two opposite points of departure, which is exactly what they are doing!

  • Sensory deprivation (static) – where hallucination can occur after a short while. This usually involves ‘masking’ the senses for example by use of eyeshades, and allowing as little environmental intrusion as possible. eg. Oceans

  • Sensory bombardment (dynamic randomised fluctuation) – where hallucination can occur after c.30 minutes. eg. Just watch the above videos
  • This may involve extremes of temperature, loud music, bright lights, strong smells (or tastes) and exaggerated physical movement.  eg. Hillsong 2015 Conference

All techniques for achieving powerful generalised psychic states involve the disorientation of the subject’s usual resting relationship to the outside world.

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Image result for triangle and hexagon esoteric meaning

Image result for triangle and hexagon esoteric meaning

Comforting isn’t it?

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