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LOS ANGELES — Vasquez Canyon Road in Santa Clarita has become quite the sight over the past three days.

The road has buckled, which caused deformation in just a couple of hours, reports CBS Los Angeles.

Something biblical is going on here?! Roads are buckling and Mountains are moving in California.  They are calling this activity a landslide, but in actuality it is magma moving underneath the Mountain.

Is this just more proof we are in the End Times, as suggested by Paul Begly?

Could this be a sign, hinting of the coming Mega Quake?, that scientists are expecting and predicting.

Published on 21 Sep 2015

Two weeks ago (Sept 3) while watching Knowledge Seekers Workshop #77, M.T. Keshe warned of multiple 10+ earthquakes for the West Coast of the USA… That video was deleted shortly after that same day. He clarifies further about what he thinks is shortly about to happen..