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Did you see this anywhere in our American mainstream media? I don’t think so!

They completely censored it from American eyes, lest they be inspired to stand up against Obama’s sinister plans to import up to 200,000 so-called “Syrian refugees.”

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According to Top Right News:

THIS NATION Just Had A MASSIVE Protest AGAINST Islam… Horrified Media Censors The News

Described as the ‘largest demonstration in Polish history’, over 100,000 Polish nationalists took to the streets yesterday in the city center of Warsaw against immigration into Europe and the European Union—and in particular against the latter’s demands that Poland “absorb” Muslims who have flooded into Germany over the past few months. Protesters referred to the immigrants as “invaders”.


Published on 17 Nov 2015

Heroic Poland fights against Islam, March For Independence, Warsaw, Nov 11, 2015, with estimated 170,000 patriotic and proud Polish citizens participating in the rally to defend their beloved, cultured, and beautiful country against the barbarous, uncivilized, and filthy Muslim invaders masquerading as the so-called ‘Syrian refugees’.

“God. Honor. Homeland!” and “since we are conscious of our roots, the Christian heritage of our nation, we are ready to defend them to the last drop of our blood, if needed” are spoken of with passion, determination, and courage.

And courage it was noted and historically archived at the 2-day long Battle of Vienna (September 11th and 12th, 1683), when the courageous Poles have shown the Muslims who was the boss by mercilessly evaporating the Muslims with artillery (canon) fires before chopping the rest of the Muslim invaders to pulps with their swords.

The battle was fought by the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nations in league with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Holy League) against the invading Muslim Ottoman Empire and chiefdoms of the Ottoman Empire, and took place at Kahlenberg Mountain near Vienna.

After besieging Vienna for two months, the Muslim invaders, as part of the Ottoman Empire and led by Turkish Süleyman Pasha, thought the city would soon belong to them all with the spoils of victory, ready to be raped, marauded, and looted as usual. On the contrary, the city of Vienna became their worst nightmare, as 80,000 heroic Poles and their German allies, under the talented and courageous leadership of the King of Poland (also Grand Duke of Lithuania), John III Sobieski, have unleashed their unbridled wrath and exceptional fighting skill upon the Muslim invaders, decidedly defeating the more than 3-times-larger 300,000-men strong Muslim army.

The battle marked the first time Poland and the Holy Roman Empire had cooperated militarily against the Turks, and it is often seen as a turning point in history, after which the Ottoman Turks ceased to be a menace to the Christian world. In the ensuing war that lasted until 1698, the Turks lost almost all of Hungary to the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_…)
Muslims currently compose only 1.6% of U.S. population but cause 80%  of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. 49.9% Muslims support Bin Laden. 38% supports 9/11 attack that killed nearly 3,000 American civilians. 49.9% and 38% of something is never a tiny minority like the Muslim want to taqiyya, or deceive, the “kafirs”, or “unbelievers”, to believe.

Paris death toll updated 129 deaths, 352 injured, including 99 critical. %99 of more than 27,300 terrorist events have been caused by Muslims since the 9/11 attack that killed nearly 3,000 American civilians.

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“Islam is a very dark theory… I was brought up believing in the conspiracy theory that the United States of America and the west, including Israel, is plotting day and night to destroy Islam and the Muslim world, which is a lie” -Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of Hamas founder and an ex-Muslim http://freedompost.org/islam/ex-musli…

“Islam is not a religion of peace, it’s a political theory of conquest that seeks domination by any means it can.” -ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Islam is like rabies, and Muslims are its patients, and bad ones as that. Once the animals contracted the disease which degenerates the central nervous system, behavior, thinking, and most have to be put down, unfortunately, since there is no cure.

It is true that the problem are both with Islam AND Muslims. An ideology that advocates killing, murdering, stoning, beheading, burning, enslaving women, raping, sexual-grooming, pedophilia, etc. is a dark, nefarious, toxic cult, and not really something that can be considered a world religion, and the fact that there are people who still decide to follow such meme of death and destruction while there are plenty of other better choices is problematic by and in itself. A toxin only causes problems if there are people who drink it. Most Muslims drink it WILLINGLY!

In Conclusion:
Think about the carnage the Muzzies have been inflicting on non-Muslims (Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus) and even on Muzzies themselves, across the Muslim world, for centuries (http://freedompost.org/media/islam-ki…), and recently in the non-Muslim world and in the West.