You know the state of affairs here in the United States has gone from bad to horrendously bad, when the President’s OWN APPOINTEE for the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, General Michael Flynn, along with Four Star Admiral James Lyons, and the CIA Have All Revealed that Obama Knowingly Armed ISIS (Treason), even as news breaks that ISIS is threatening to nuke four cities, Obama STILL won’t be held accountable for any of his actions. It’s despicable. 

In another very recent post titled, Two Generals Interviewed: Constitutional Crisis Could Force Military To Remove Obama, U.S. Air Force Lt. General Thomas McInerney and U.S. Army General Paul Vallely, neither of which are what you would consider crazed “right-wing conspiracy theorists,” both go into detail during a joint interview about Obama’s Communist past and intent to destroy the United States.

Not only is Obama not being held accountable for the crimes and treasonous activity he’s already committed, but the federal government has become SO corrupt, Obama is paving the way for future attacks here at home by ISIS, and no one is doing a damn thing to stop him. Anyone who says otherwise is simply an uninformed imbecile. Recall how little Obama has done to interrupt ISIS money making operations, like their oil production, because God forbid he cause any environmental damage.

How many Europeans will die because Obama cared more about the desert environment than human lives? We’re talking about a U.S. President that prior to bombing an ISIS oil shipment, a main source of income for the terrorist network,Obama Actually Warned ISIS By Dropping Leaflets Which Gave Them Advance Notice of the Coming Bombing Run, all in some deranged effort to prevent oil spillage.

Here at home, thanks to some great citizen journalism that the mainstream media won’t go near, we know that Obama Has Been Smuggling In Up To 100,000 Muslim Refugees Per Year Into the Country on Converted UPS Planes, and He’s Done So Behind the Backs of Congress! We also know that when told Congress was going to try to implement better screening measures for Muslim refugees, Obama Promised to Veto Any Bill that Increased Screening for Refugees. As I said previously, he’s paving the way for an attack on Americans.

Perhaps there is nowhere Barack is acting against the best interests of the American people more than he has with regard to the Hillary Clinton scandal. Already, in excess of 1,200 top secret emails were found on a server that allegedly had no top secret information, each email counting as a separate felony. We have no idea which of our enemies knows what was in those emails, if not all of our enemies, and thus far, no indictment yet.

The site that published the letter in the article below gives fair warning that they haven’t determined if it’s a credible threat yet, but whether the source of the letter is reliable or not, it doesn’t change the fact that ISIS IS coming for us eventually, and Obama is deliberately weakening our defenses at every opportunity possible.

In the article below, an ex-ISIS militant has come forward and said that the terrorist regime possess at least 4 nuclear weapons, located in 4 major cities around the world, ready to detonate. The video and article below highlight his plans.

Ex-ISIS Fighter Claims Plans to Nuke 4 US Cities

Your News Wire Reports:

According to Sallah Abdeslam the ‘clash of civilizations’ is scheduled to begin in 2016. He says that in Germany alone there are 18,000 terrorist cells waiting to commit untold catastrophe in Europe.

He also says that nuclear bombs will be launched in United States, Germany, France and Russia.

His email was originally released by a German website, in which the former-ISIS member reveals the details of the planned nuclear invasion, as laid out below:

[Note: this has been translated from the original German]

I was a member of IS and joining was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. They manipulated me to do things that I never really wanted to do.

This email isn’t asking for forgiveness, but it serves to tell the truth about situations that are set to deteriorate more and more if nothing is done. I want to bring it to the public’s attention. I do not want to go to jail for what I have done.

I am Sallah Abdeslam. I hope this letter will help the public out learn the truth. Perhaps it would help to prevent an impending war this year. Because 2016 will see the official 3rd world war breakout globally. And all will suffer the consequences.


ISIS owns four nuclear warheads. Three of them are W25 and W89 types. I’ve seen them myself.

One is for the United States, one for Germany, one for France and the other for Russia.

There are now more than 135,000 ISIS members. 65,000 are distributed in Syria to protect the partly concealed weapons depots, fight on the fronts and keep certain checkpoints that are strategically important for the smuggling of petroleum and shipment of weapons.

In France there are 2,800 terrorist cells distributed around the region around Paris, Courbevoie, and Bobigny.

In England, there are only 650 terrorist cells since it was much more difficult to enter there. The terrorist cells in London, and distributed Harrow and disguised as students. 

In Sweden there are 1,600 terrorist cells distributed in Stockholm, Täby, Älta and Solna.

In Germany there are 18,700 cells, and the number is increasing rapidly each day. 

Even in World Heritage cities such as Hildesheim, Bamberg and Lübeck attacks are being planned. 

Lübeck is considered highly sought after with at least 6 attacks planned for this city where ISIS will blow up all the bridges.

The weapons and explosives were smuggled months ago in the individual cities.

Shabh is an undercover US Secret Service agent that ISIS are desperate to kill



In addition, I have information about a man in ISIS who goes by the name of  Shabh.

[pictured above, taken from the PDF linked below]

Shabh is on a bounty list of  Daesh. There is a $2 million dollar bounty for the severed head of this assassin. He has  been sent by the US Secret Service to assassinate ISIS members. He has killed more than 400 ISIL members.

Shabh has its own handwriting and always appear at the locations where no airstrikes take place.

Because if air raids take place, the major strategist and leader people adhere to far remote places to which He seems to know already in Vorfelde.

In addition, he was only once really saw him as a had taken the camera when he has a whole group of terrorist cells of Al Qaeda turned in a house. Since was his image is distributed to all.

Shabh caused a lot of excitement among the IS members, because he was the one who Mokhta Belmokhta with two should have shot bullets in the head. That was in 2013 in Yemen. Mokhta comes to life again.

Why? Very easily a common method, it is the leaders of so many people to turn rotated in advance by how only is possible, because in the case a case can thus confuse the enemy again and again which is so made the IS. Accordingly, the public should by propaganda videos are deceived as the authorities would fail with each attack and the fear is greater among the peoples.

Shabh has not been seen since July, 2014, and appears to be submerged. There are rumors that he in England, Sweden and Germany had been sighted to identify where the terror cells and to turn off.

Therefore know most members even as he looks for his image went through all the channels of the IS use and Let’s face 2. Mil. Dollar sounds very tempting and drives the trailer and Salafists across Europe to always keep your eyes open.


Hence constant hints come from Germany, he was spotted again in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Hildesheim and Lübeck, but not tangible.

Make sure before what this man has to knowledge and information on various intelligence agencies, about the structures through which security houses where terror suspects interrogated and tortured, on the means of strategic weapons, bearing points about money resources that do not appear in the database.

All this could be experienced by you kidnap him and Shabh if would torture. And the IS is very good exercise in torture. Whoever had come the acts of Shabh the Caliph, a must his mole in one of the authorities.

Because Shabh, as far as I could see it, is a manipulated soldier was bred. full pumped with any drugs and is under mind control. And not even be an American.

What one from the can think Amys so they can deny it beautiful. I have sent you a PDF in the annex where I certain documents and photos have photographed.

Maybe they can save Shabh, because in my eyes he has no murders began but some of the worst people I’ve met and deeply abhor sent to the afterlife.

I hope I never encounter it will because I know what he does to his victims. I’ll pray to prevent this war and hope that all those who get this message, you will take seriously.

I’m sincerely sorry and I know I can undo not go, but I hope that the Schick Hall of the People not the psychopathic view this sick leaves subdue ideology.

You should the strength of IS not underestimate because they are no more groups, but a huge army with huge recources, a lot of money and many military weapons, missiles, tanks, soil air missiles, atomic and chemical weapons and some great supporters of Saudi Arabia have strong political power.

This mail I send to all my known media in the hope that this will be taken seriously.

(original PDF here)