If someone considered the American talks about plan B lacking specifics, now the specifics have appeared. This is the plan B-52. Even if it is not directly relevant to Syria, but refers to a completely different geography.

But the main thing is that it is against Russia. And at the Pentagon, wherever and whoever they fought, they never dream about another victory after all. Again, there is the law of negative energy conservation. If you lose something in one place, and it is exactly  what it looks like in Syria, in another you will certainly gain something. Threefold, hopefully.

That’s why in large-scale military exercises in Norway it is precisely three strategic bombers B-52 that will practise applying simulated, as they call it, nuclear strikes against ground targets.

To remove all doubt as to whose land must shudder from this, the US media just say that manoeuvres are stated as ‘support for US allies concerned about the possibility of Russian aggression’. Quite unpleasant but now even this is not too much. General Breedlove, the Commander of Allied Armed Forces in Europe, announced that the US is going to ‘fight and defeat Russia’. It’s high time to answer for it. But they cannot have these exercises at a range in Nevada after all. A for these exercises, in fact, they are called “cold response”. It’s “cold” probably not because it is prudent or in the north. It is just that they have not simulated their atomic charge so close to us, perhaps, since the “Cold War”.

The entire Europe must calm down in the knowledge that the Pentagon would do anything in order not to give it up to Russia. Even it takes nuking within the Old World, just in case. Actually, that’s what Breedlove said – ‘The United States is ready to fight and defeat Russia in Europe’. As for keeping Europe safe, he did not say a word.

DONi News Agency

Under the cloud of United States European Command’s declaration of Russia as the new European threat, a massive coordinated military exercise is underway in Norway dubbed COLD RESPONSE 2016. According to Business Insider, “this year, the exercise will be comprised of 15,000 personnel from over ten countries. Some of the countries participating are NATO members Canada, France, and non-NATO country Sweden.

The US’s contribution to Cold Response 2016 include tanks, mobile artillery, and special operations units.”


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