Make America Burn Again? Some protesters could be seen lighting fire to a Trump flag which resembled The Stars and Stripes of America

‘Thugs’ chant ‘Viva Mexico’ while burning Stars and Stripes flag as Trump’s Albuquerque rally erupts in violence: Billionaire hits out at ‘criminals’ who clashed with riot police in the streets

  • Around 100 protesters gathered outside the Albuquerque, New Mexico, hall Tuesday night for a Donald Trump rally
  • As he took to the stage, they burst through the police barricades, throwing rocks and setting fires in the streets
  • Security dragged many protesters back out as they shouted ‘fascist’ and held up anti-Trump signs amid the chaos
  • Riot police rounded up crowds with pepper spray and smoke canisters, with multiple officers injured in the melee
  • Trump used his Twitter account to hit out at the ugly scenes, accusing them of being ‘thugs’ and ‘criminals’
  • Protesters were filmed setting fire to a Trump flag that resembled Old Glory 
  • Yesterday Trump won the Washington primary with 77 per cent of the vote, and he was endorsed by Rick Santorum
  • GOP voters in New Mexico, California, New Jersey, Montana and South Dakota will head to the polls on June 7
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Around 100 protesters broke through a barricade outside the building shortly after Trump took to the stage, trying to throw rocks through a window and at police, and setting fires on the street outside.

One officer said that a shot was fired from a pellet gun, and a second officer said it was a bullet – though subsequent reports have cast doubts over the ‘gunfire’.

Smoke canisters erupted through the streets as police tried to surround the protesters, while multiple officers are being treated for injuries and one protester has been arrested, police told Daily Mail Online. Protesters were also reportedly chanting ‘Viva Mexico’ while setting fire to pro-Trump flags.

Trump took to his Twitter account on Wednesday morning to say: ‘The protesters in New Mexico were thugs who were flying the Mexican flag. The rally inside was big and beautiful, but outside, criminals!’

Albuquerque Police locked down the convention center’s main hall, which was empty except for staff, security and reporters filing stories.

Activists outside had tried to force their way in as Trump was finishing an hour-long speech, but a line of police forced them back. One table holding a vendor’s Trump merchandise was set on fire, and protesters threw flaming t-shirts at police.

They responded with smoke canisters and pepper spray in an effort to disperse the crowd.

Riot police run across the street during the confrontation as anti-Trump protests erupt in front of the Albuquerque Convention Center

Some could be seen waving the Mexican flag chanting ‘Viva Mexico’, while others were seen setting fire to a Trump flag that resembled the Stars and Stripes, according to Fox News.

Inside the rally, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was interrupted repeatedly by protesters, who shouted, held up banners and resisted removal by security officers.

A man and two women flash peace signs at police who stand blocking reporters from entering the convention center in Albuquerque

A man and two women flash peace signs at police who stand blocking reporters from entering the convention center in Albuquerque

The banners included the messages ‘Trump is Fascist’ and ‘We’ve heard enough.’

He responded with his usual bluster, instructing security to remove the protesters and mocking their actions by telling them to ‘Go home to mommy’.

He responded to one demonstrator by asking, ‘How old is this kid?’ He then provided his own answer: ‘Still wearing diapers.’

Trump’s supporters responded with chants of ‘Build that wall!’

Protesters outside overran barricades and clashed with police in riot gear. They also burned T-shirts and other items labeled with Trump’s catchphrase, ‘Make America Great Again.’ The scenes were reminiscent of a rally which was postponed in Chicago back in March when supporters of Trump and demonstrators clashed.

Inside the convention center, the billionaire boasted that there was ‘no safer place on earth’ than at one of his rallies.

Much of his speech was dedicated to blasting Hillary Clinton, his likely rival in the general election later this year.

He called Clinton ‘Obama-lite’ during his speech, which lasted more than an hour saying that ‘it’s hard to believe you could get lighter than Obama.’

‘Hillary can’t even put away Bernie!’ he said, referring to the scrappy Senator Bernie Sanders, who is giving her the fight of her life in the Democratic

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