Lance Goodall  14 June 2016

Every standard media outlet or Mainstream media report has ‘whitewashed’ this story to confirm there is just ONE narrative, that  there is only ONE gunman, a LONE WOLF called Omar Mateen.

Its to imply… don’t worry we are just after this one radical muslim – ‘quasi ISIS dude’, and we got him!

He was the LONE WOLF, who was acting alone, and somehow shot some 50 people….

When I first heard about this story there were alarm bells.

50 people dead with one guy? And as reported by the Sheriff he had a shotgun….umm 50 people dead with one guy and a shotgun, and then there is the other 53 injured.

What we know, or don’t know so far:

  • One guy with a gun kills 50 people in a night club?…. ah NO!
  • Somebody was there holding the door closed so people were not able to escape
  • Very few ambulances evident at the scene, with such a large killing spree
  • Mateen was a security guard known by the FBI
  • There are reports of at least 2 seasoned actors being eyewitnesses…oh, oh… whose on first, whose on second?
  • There were phone calls and 911 calls which suggested ISIS involvement
  • Gay kissing set Mateen off
  • Rapid fire was heard which is consistent with 50 dead and up to a further 50 injuries.
  • Semi – Automatic or Automatic weapons were definitely used.
  • There was an eyewitness who heard the guy on the phone say there others and a female with a suicide vest.
  • There are reports of others on the loose.


As reported by Zero hedge and Intellihub

Additionally, there were reports that police could be seen quietly conducting an “active search” for accomplices who may have already exited the nightclub after the attack.

Another eyewitness that was inside Pulse when the attack occurred told reporters, “I’m pretty sure it was more than one person, you know, like I said, I heard two guns going at the same time.” The eyewitness said that the event lasted “like eight minutes.”

Another crucial detail that the press is leaving out is that the shooter or shooters were initiating “rapid fire;” which means that the weapons used were likely fully automatic, as depicted by the same eyewitness when he made an animated machine gun-like sound with his mouth for the press to hear.

The witness said that he could smell the gun smoke in the air and that the attackers were “working together.”

“It was not one shot at a time,” but rather from a machine gun,” another witness said, who eventually made it out of the club into the “alleyway.”

Raw footage from the scene also reveals that officers may have been engaging an additional perpetrator outside of the nightclub, backing up other reports.

It has also been reported that both FBI and police, around the country, are increasing their security protocols, dispatching undercover officers and specifically beefing up security measures at the annual Gay Pride Parade which is still currently underway in Los Angeles.

Moreover, officials also are concerned that there is a ‘gaping hole’ in the nation’s security net and that more attacks may occur.

Authorities and even the President of the United States, Barack Obama, are currently downplaying the fact that there is a definite radicalized Islamic ideological connection to the attack and again, are covering up the fact that multiple suspects are likely still on the loose.


Is Omar Mateen, like Lee Harvey Oswald  just another patsy?