Lance Goodall  7 July 2016

I have wanted to put ‘pen to paper’ over the last few days but haven’t quite go there. I have alluded to this point already in earlier posts, but only subtlely. Now we are just days out from the big event starring Nick Hall and Pope Francis. Therefore it is no coincidence that the event is being held in Washington DC, and not New York or Dallas or L.A.

The hidden occult forces(Rome) that were directly responsible for the birth of the United States of America, began to visibly show themselves immediately after independence was won.  

Within the very governing center itself, the capitol site of Washington D.C., the site chosen in spite of many who fiercely opposed it, occultic symbolism was cleverly designed right into the overall layout of the streets and certain occultic architectural structures and monuments to form a gigantic occultic pattern or picture, all of which corresponded with the occultic symbolism and message designed into the nation’s Great Seal. These became not only a memorial and testimony to the ‘Great Work’ of this nation’s but also for the secret work that is destined for its future. The boldness with which the leaders of the new Republic so arrogantly displayed their occultist symbolism to be represented at the very heart and soul of what was American, speaks loudly for itself and their

In their veiled communication intended only for the initiated few, it makes known that the “Grand Design” is progressing and is on schedule as planned, regardless of the great masses that oppose it.  But what is most puzzling, is that Protestants who have always boasted that America was founded on Protestant principles and Bible Christianity, never challenge or speak a word against the prominent occultic symbolism that so glaringly decorate our nation’s capitol and literally makes up the Great Seal.  It brings home the saying, that if you want to hide a tree, plant it in a forest, when today these occultist monuments and symbolism’s are there quite visible for all to see, yet curiously, no one seems to see them at all.  Protestantism, that should be enlightening their fellow Americans of their impending peril have instead abandoned them to grope in utter darkness.



 To those not familiar with the occultist adornments that have been so graciously bestowed upon the capitol city of the United States of
America by the founding fathers, that have now become our occultist national heritage, all you need is a street map of Washington D.C. and a marking pen to highlight a number of streets to reveal the intended veiled occult picture.  Beginning at the White House, highlight the two streets going north to form a ‘V’.  The one, Connecticut Avenue, up to and terminate at Dupont Circle.  The other, Vermont Avenue, up to and  terminate at Logan Circle.  From Dupont Circle, follow and highlight Massachusetts Avenue south-east to and terminate at Mt. Vernon Square.  From Logan Circle, follow and highlight Rhode Island Avenue south-west to and terminate at Washington Circle.  Highlight a line connecting Washington Circle and Mt. Vernon Square along ‘K’ Street.  What you have now revealed is the universally known satanic symbol of the inverted pentagram.

Stop and consider the full significance of what that most sacred satanic symbol laying there before you means. Aghast, it begins to penetrate, as you realize that the satanic image on the map is actually a supersize reality at the very heart beat of the United States government.  It is the U.S.A. signature of approval, dark and hidden, for every profligate movement in our society today, and is portentous for what is in store for this nation’s future.  

It’s not some child’s play, who has drawn an imaginative star in the sky to wish upon.  This mammoth inverted five pointed star is real, embedded right into the streets of the capitol city of a rising world superpower by mature men designed to convey a clear and precise message for a specific purpose to the Occult world.  No other nation in the world has such a street layout or has been chosen for such a diabolical future work.  Think about this too: the highest award this government can bestow upon a person is the Congressional Medal of Honor–which is also an inverted pentagram.



The Encyclopedia American, 1964 edition, showing how the obelisk was related to Sun worship, explains it like this-“a monument representing the sun in ancient Egyptian religion.  The Egyptians were sun worshipers, regarding the great luminary as the creator of the universe, the maker of all gods above and below, and even the author of himself…The two most striking characteristic monuments which represented him on earth were the obelisk and the pyramid…The obelisk is the technical figure of one ray or pencil of light emanating from the sun.”  The word o-‘bel’-isk actually means the ‘shaft of Bel’; Bel being another way of writing Baal, the Babylonian and Egyptian Sun god, that all nations followed after.

     It is an interesting fact about the chief temples of Egypt and Babylonia, that they were “oriented”–that is to say, that the temples were built so that the shrine and entrance always faced in the same direction.  On one morning in the year, and one morning alone, in a temple oriented to the rising place of the sun at Mid-Summer Day, the sun’s first rays would smite down through the gloom of the temple and down the long alley of the temple pillars to brilliantly illuminate the altar.  Thus it was believe that by that pencil of light or “shaft” of the Sun’s presence upon the altar, it became impregnated.  This solemn even gave assurance of fertility in the land and another fruitful year.

But as further evidence that gives proof that Roman Catholicism is nothing more than disguised Sun Worship, that actually arose from the ruins of Roman paganism, consider the fact that the Vatican of today and St. Peter’s Basilica is literally built right over the very grounds of the ancient Vatican Circus.  It was here, that they held their chariot races to the “Sun”. And as then, so today, St. Peter’s is oriented toward the east. That is, “so that at the vernal equinox the great doors can be thrown open at sunrise and the sun rays passing through the nave will illuminate the high altar.”

 By pagan tradition, an altar symbolized the female body, which in turn symbolized ‘Mother’ Earth.  It does not take any great imagination to understand the symbolism of an obelisk standing before a Dome–which represents a pregnant woman’s belly.  Ask yourself with deep soul-searching, what does any of this have to do with “true” Christianity?? 



Can they make any less obvious? The phallus of man and the womb of the woman


Washington DC streets — Satellite image – Masonic square and Compass all over the city streets

Phallicism, the veneration and worship of the male and female sex organs, is just another perverted doctrine of Sun Worship.  And even though the nation of Egypt must receive the glory for its development, the origin, actually took place in Babylon.  But like all real life extraordinary events that make indelible impressions upon men’s minds, the story will then live on through succeeding generations to finally become a legend.  To understand Egyptian phallicism and their world renowned obelisks as its symbol, including the world’s largest in Washington D.C, we must understand the Egyptian legend and the Babylonian reality that gave birth to that Egyptian legend.

Astrological Plans:

Noted Astrologer David Ovason published a book in 1999 entitled The Secret Architecture of our Nation’s Capitol:  The Masons and the Building of Washington, D.C., in which he uncovered the historic fact that the Masonic Fraternity dedicated the young United States of America to the stars generally, and to the Dog Star Sirius .  Listen to the stated goal of this book:

“Today, there are more than twenty complete zodiacs in Washington, D.C., each one pointing to an extraordinary mystery.  David Ovason, who has studied these astrological devices for ten years, now reveals why they have been placed in such abundance in the center of our nation’s capitol and explains their interconnections.  His richly illustrated text tells the story of how Washington, from its foundation in 1791, was linked with the Zodiac, with the meaning of certain stars, and with a hidden cosmological symbolism that he uncovers here for the first time.”  [Jacket flyleaf]

Immediately, we are told that the capitol city of the United States of America was founded according to the Biblically forbidden practice of Astrology from the beginning of its serious construction.  Further, as we get into this material, you will discover that Washington, D.C. and its key government buildings, were specifically oriented and dedicated to the Dog Star Sirius, which we will later study, is the occult designation of Satan .

Historians recognize that the beginning of the new independent Republic occurred on July 4, 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was publicly issued.  We already know that the timing of this declaration was carefully calculated according to Satanic doctrine.  July 4 is exactly the 66th day following the beginning of the Satanic High Holy period called Beltane, which begins on April 30.  In this calculation, April 30 is counted as ‘Day 1’.

The number ’66’ is the occult number for the Perfect Government of the Perfect Man, who is represented by the number ‘666’.  Therefore, by waiting for the 66th day following Beltane to establish the United States of America, our Masonic forefathers were telling fellow Adepts throughout the world and through time, that America was going to be the New Atlantis, the forerunner of the perfect global government of Antichrist.

Further, July 4 is exactly 13 days after Summer Solstice on June 21.  In this calculation, June 22 is counted as ‘Day 1’.  The number 13 is the number of Satan’s rebellion, and figures prominently in Luciferian lore.

But, now, David Ovason tells us something new about the Declaration of Independence.  “These [Astrological] computations clearly show that on the day the Declaration of Independence was agreed in Philadelphia, the Sun was on Sirius .” [Page 138]

Thus, our occult Masonic Founding Fathers calculated even the day when they should agree on the wording of the Declaration of Independence.  This day was one in which the Sun was on Sirius .  This careful attention to the timing of the events which succeeded in founding this nation were predetermined according to Astrological phenomenon!

Ovason then clearly states, “The Mason who first signed the Declaration of Independence would have been aware of the particular significance of July 4 as a cosmic event.” [Page 139]

The next event is also very revealing.  The ceremony to dedicate this particular area occurred on April 15, 1791, at precisely 3:30p.m.  “… Ellicott — now revealed in the ritual as a Masonic brother of George Washington — symbolically confirmed the precise location … This done, Elisha Cullen Dick, the Master of Alexandria Lodge No. 22 … placed the marker.  Once the location was completed, a deposit of corn, wine, and oil was made upon it, according to Masonic practice.”

Finally, we learn the Astrological reason for beginning the ceremony at precisely 3:30p.m.  “At exactly 3:30p.m., Jupiter, the most beneficial planet in the skies, began to rise over the horizon.  It was in 23 degrees of Virgo … he seized on the moment when the zodiacal Virgo was exerting an especially strong and beneficial influence.  By this means, the zodiacal power of Virgo, which was called in later Masonic circles ‘the beautiful Virgin’ was able to stamp her benign influence on the building of the federal city.  Was this one of the contributing reasons why many astrologers have insisted that Washington, D.C. is ruled by zodiacal Virgo …  It is quite clear that the ceremonial placing of the stone related to more than merely the founding of the federal district:  it was somehow linked to the future destiny of America itself.” [Ovason, Page 49]

On this star-spangled holiday weekend (2016) , the western sky gives ample proof in the night that the planetary king Jupiter is still there.

Just after sundown this evening, find Jupiter high in the west-southwestern heavens. You can easily see it with your naked eye, bright at -1.9 magnitude. Enjoy that view, since the large planet welcomes the NASA spacecraft Juno  (July 4) in the midst of fireworks here.

Jupiter is the supreme god of the Roman pantheon, called dies pater, “shining father”. He is a god of light and sky, and protector of the state and its laws. He is a son of Saturn and brother of Neptune and Juno (who is also his wife).

Oh, by the way over the weekend of Together 16,….

 By mid-July, the bright, gaseous giant will be about 25 degrees above the west-southwestern horizon at dusk, and by month’s end, the giant planet Jupiter will be slightly lower in the same section of the sky, setting about 10:15 p.m.

Marduk, the great god of the Babylonians, was the planet Jupiter;(3) so was Amon of the Egyptians;(4) Zeus of the Greeks was the same planet; Jupiter of the Romans, as the name shows, was again the same planet. Why was this planet chosen as the most exalted deity? In Greece it was called “all-highest, mighty Zeus,” (5) in Rome “Jupiter Optimus, Maximus” ;(6) in Babylon it was known as “the greatest of the stars” (7); as Ahuramazda it was called by Darius “the greatest of the gods” (8); In India Shiva was described as “the great ruler” and considered the mightiest of all the gods(9); he was said to be “as brilliant as the sun.” (10)

Everywhere Jupiter was regarded as the greatest deity, greater than the sun, moon, and other planets.(11)