OCTOBER 26, 2014  |  

Vladimir Putin is allegedly “marked for assassination” by President Barack Obama, according to Paul Craig Roberts of the Institute For Economy.

As such startling assertions are made, Russia’s leader is claiming the United States, not Russia, is the true threat to the world.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, some believe that World War 3 could be triggered by a fight over Arctic oil. Vladimir Putin recently deployed Russian troops to the Arctic to protect the oil resources contained therein for Russia, and experts believe the Arctic may contain up to a third of all remaining oil in the world, making it like a frozen middle east. There are also rumors flying around that the Russian president may have cancer, with some pundits claiming this is the reason Putin is pushing so hard to secure a legacy.

 When Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke this past weekend, he claimed that the United States was attempting to “remake the world” to meet its own goals.

“Statements that Russia is trying to reinstate some sort of empire, that it is encroaching on the sovereignty of its neighbors, are groundless,” Putin asserted. “The exceptionalism of the United States, the way they implement their leadership, is it really a benefit? And their worldwide intervention brings peace and stability, progress and peak of democracy? Maybe we should relax and enjoy this splendor? No!”

Putin also blamed the U.S. for creating the Ukraine crisis.

“Instead of a difficult but, I underline, civilized dialogue they brought about a state coup. They pushed the country into chaos, economic and social collapse, and civil war with huge losses.”

While some in the media claimed Putin’s speech was a “diatribe” that evoked memories of the Cold War, Paul Craig Roberts believes Vladimir Putin is the “leader of the moral world” based upon these recent speeches. He also claims that “Washington has declared Russia, China, India, Brazil and other parts of South America, Iran, and South Africa to be enemies.” But Roberts is not alone in this stance.

Before the Ukraine crisis started, a worldwide poll showed that 25 percent of the world believes the United States is the greatest threat to world peace, with Russia not even breaking the top five of the worst threats. There’s even a Russian conspiracy theory that a CIA plot started the whole Ukraine crisis, and others claim the United States space commandis planning a nuclear weapons first strike scenario on both Russia and China in the event that World War 3 starts. In the past, Vladimir Putin has suggested that claims of Russia wanting to invade Ukraine amounted to so-called Russophobia.

But Roberts goes one step further, suggesting that the Obama administration would have Putin targeted for assassination.

“In my opinion, Putin is such a towering figure that Washington has him marked for assassination. The CIA will use one of the Muslim terrorists that the CIA supports inside Russia. Unlike an American president, who dares not move among the people openly, Putin is not kept remote from the people. Putin is at ease with the Russian people and mingles among them. This makes him an easy target for the CIA to use a Chechnya terrorist, a Jihadist suicide bomber, or the traditional ‘lone nut’ to assassinate Putin. The immoral, wicked, and declining West is incapable of producing leadership of Putin’s quality. Having defamed Putin, assassinating him will cause little comment in the Western media.”

While this sounds like a conspiracy theory, Vladimir Putin’s assassination was seriously proposed by Herbert E. Meyer, a former Special Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence and Vice Chairman of the CIA’s National Intelligence Council under the Reagan administration. Meyer wrote in the American Thinker that “Putin is a serious threat to world peace” and suggested that Europe and President Obama should solve the “Putin problem” with an assassination plot.

“If Putin is too too stubborn to acknowledge that his career is over, and the only way to get him out of the Kremlin is feet-first, with a bullet hole in the back of his head — that would also be okay with us…. For instance, if the next time Putin’s flying back to Moscow from yet another visit with his good friends in Cuba, or Venezuela, or Iran, his airplane gets blasted out of the sky by some murky para-military group that somehow, inexplicably, got its hands on a surface-to-air missile.”

What do you think about Paul Craig Roberts‘ comments about Vladimir Putin? How do you think President Obama should resolve the Ukraine crisis?