The church needs to heed the message of this book — NOW!

This 442 page account outlines the strong deception that has crept into the modern church!

The book takes tackles these issues head on:

Why is Hillsong church so dangerous?
What Hillsong preaches is not the gospel
Why Hillsong is promoting a false hope and a false gospel?
Why Hillsong is no longer biblical, and has become the greatest conspiracy of our time!
How can a church that is growing, and has so much success still be wrong?
The book explains that Hillsong is using music to usher in the Anti-Christ.
Why Hillsong is considered ‘Christian’, and yet is so much like the Roman Catholic church?
What have artists like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and Jay- Z got to do with Hillsong?

……and much more.


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