Gaia Staff  26 April 2017


In 1953, President Harry Truman gave up the oval office and passed the reins of power to his successor, President Dwight D. Eisenhower (Ike).

It appears that Truman also gave Ike a pretty hefty file concerning a top secret project called Majestic 12 that Truman established By Classified Executive Order. Majestic 12 consisted of a group of scientists, military personnel and other governmental professionals who all worked together to understand and communicate with UFOs and extraterrestrials (ETs).

President Eisenhower was extremely interested in UFOs and ETs: there is Evidence that he met with ETs secretly, at least three times.

Once at Edwards Air Force Base (AFB) in California and twice at Holloman AFB in New Mexico. Since the Eisenhower meetings, other instances of UFOs landing at or near Holloman AFB have been reported.

1954 Eisenhower’s ET Meeting

President Eisenhower, who had been a five-star Army general, always had a “strong belief in life on other planets.” In February 1954, he was spending several days in Palm Springs On Vacation. He disappeared for several hours one Saturday afternoon and even missed a scheduled public dinner. He was not seen again until late the following morning.

The press questioned Ike’s whereabouts, so the White House Press Secretary told them that Ike had chipped a tooth and gone to see a dentist. Even at that time, rumors were that he was visiting ETs at nearby Edwards AFB. The dentist story falls apart upon close inspection. Washington Post Staff Writer, Peter Carlson, denies the story of the chipped tooth and calls it a cover-up.

No Dentist Visit

The Eisenhower Presidential Library has detailed reports of all Eisenhower’s medical and dental records. There is no reference to a broken or chipped tooth or dentist visit related to the Palm Springs visit. The Library also has copies of acknowledgments that were sent to everyone Eisenhower had contact with while in Palm Springs. There were records of people who met the airplane, people who sent flowers, the minister who gave the sermon at the Sunday service he attended, and others who played minor roles. But there is no proof of a note sent to a dentist. Years later, the dentist’s widow said she had no recollection of ever being told by her husband that he had done dental work on the President.

Corroborating Evidence

William Cooper, who was on the Naval Intelligence briefing team and had access to classified documents, is a credible witness. His Review Of Those Documents revealed that ETs had had contact with Earth. They had warned that the Earth was “on a path of self-destruction” and they wanted to meet to help effectuate a long-lasting peace.

Meeting with Eisenhower

The first meeting with the aliens and President Eisenhower occurred at Edwards AFB in February 1954. Navy Commander Charles L. Suggs reported that his father had attended the meeting between Ike and the ETs. Eisenhower met with two Nordic appearing, blue-eyed ETs. A third one stood near the door as a lookout.

The discussions were polite. Eisenhower wanted to effectuate a treaty with the aliens, but was unwilling to agree to their demand that we cease testing nuclear weapons. The aliens left with no treaty in place, but returned the next year to Holloman AFB in New Mexico, not too far from the famous Roswell alien aircraft crash site, for a subsequent meeting with Eisenhower.

Gerald Light’s Letter

There is a corroborating Story to the ET meeting with Ike at Edwards AFB. The accuracy of the story is difficult to confirm. A man named Gerald Light Wrote A Letter in April 1954 claiming to have been an eyewitness to the Edwards AFB meeting between Eisenhower and ETs. Light provided details such as watching Air Force officials studying five aircraft with the permission of their alien owners!

Some question the credibility of Light’s report since he was known to have a love of the occult and claimed to be clairvoyant, but others like Meade Layne, the former director of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, confirms and believes Light did know first-hand what occurred.


On December the 11th 1984, a television producer and UFO researcher called Jamie Shandera was surprised to find an envelope left anonymously for him to find. The envelope would prove to be a revelation for Shandera who found that it contained copies of top secret documents intended for the former President Dwight Eisenhower.

These documents referred to the presence of extra-terrestrials here on Earth and strongly suggested that the president had been dealing with them.

President Eisenhower’s great-granddaughter speaks out about the secret alien meetings

The FBI took it upon themselves to investigate the documents but following a thorough investigation they claimed that the documents were nothing more than an elaborate hoax. Most people accepted the FBI’s explanation at face value and it might have been the case that nothing more would have been said about these unusual documents. However, this story has remained prominent for ufologists over the years because of the regularity in which other credible individuals have elaborated on Shandera’s story and furnished it with important details.

One of these individuals is Timothy Good – a former government consultant in the United States.

President Eisenhower suddenly went missing on the evening of February 20th 1954. In order to dispel the rumours that he was taken ill or that he had died, his official staff said that the president was undergoing emergency dental work. But according to Good, this story is nonsense. Eisenhower had actually been hurried away to an emergency meeting with delegates from an alien race from the Pleiades star cluster. These aliens, whose vivid blue eyes, pale skin and blonde hair has earned them the sobriquet of the ‘Nordics’ are believed to be a peace loving species.

They offered humanity assistance with technology and medical knowledge so long as human beings agreed to turn away from fossil fuels and nuclear weapons technology. Their terms were not agreed to at this meeting.

Following the refusal of the Nordics proposals, a second alien race is said to have made contact with humanity and offered their own deal.

This race, known as the Tall Greys (or simply the Greys) offered Eisenhower access to highly advanced technology on the proviso that the United States would give the Greys leeway to abduct and perform experiments on civilians before wiping their memories and returning them to Earth.

It is said that Eisenhower grudging accepted this deal.

While it might seem extraordinarily callous for a sitting president to put his civilians in such danger, others have been sympathetic to Eisenhower’s dilemma. The deal came as the Cold War was growing tenser and it is assumed that if Eisenhower had refused the offer from the Greys that they would have contacted his counter-part in the Soviet Union and gifted them with extraordinarily advanced technology instead.

The Nordics continued their contact with human beings despite the fact that the government of the United States had entered into a pact with the Greys, an alien species the Nordics distrust.

One such Nordic alien is referred to as ‘Valiant Thor’ who first appeared in 1957 in a quiet field, where he found a policeman and demanded to be taken to the president. Over the next three years, he attended meetings of high political importance in the United States and met with various other private individuals, including the creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry.