In the first video directly below published on August 23rd, our videographer shares with us a very strange anomaly he had recently picked up on his cell phone radar that just happened to appear directly over Corpus Christi, Texas on the 23rd, several days before Hurricane Harvey made its deadly landfall.As our videographer wisely asks in his video, “was there a connection between this ‘anomaly’ and the coming hurricane?”

As we can see in the ‘anomaly’ screenshot above and in the video below, this strange appearance of energy continuously flashes across his screen yet it was well ahead of the storm’s landfall. The ‘top rated’ comment on the video:

“This is a HAARP injection. They have excited the upper atmosphere with energy and this is so when Hurricane Harvey shows up tomorrow or Saturday morning it will intensify instantly and become very deadly. HAARP is what the government uses to make man made weather. They used it with Katrina and Sandy….. We are being set up for a catastrophic weather event by our own government. I am glad you caught this….

I have caught these energy burst on radar many times. The deadly weather always happens 24-48 hours after the HAARP energy burst. These energy burst have happened before huge Tornado outbreaks and even flood events…. This is not a flash storm. It is energy being injected in the upper ionosphere which makes the upper ionosphere ready to pop when the storms roll through. In this case when Harvey rolls through. This is a great catch and I am sharing with all the people I know in Corpus. Great catch!!!”

While many will laugh when weather modification or weather warfare is mentioned, calling such now proven truth a ‘tinfoil hat conspiracy theory’, as we’ve reported time and again on ANP, we now have 100% proof of weather modification programs that has come to us from the mouths of people such as former CIA head John Brennan (who spoke about weather modification before the Council on Foreign Relations back on June 29th of 2016).And as we see outlined within this story, there is very good reason to believe that ‘Hurricane Harvey’ is a modified beast.

Before we go any further and look at all of the proof that ‘weather modification’ and ‘weather warfare’ are indeed very real, let’s take a look at what was happening on radar prior to Hurricane Harvey making landfall. Are we witnessing weather modification before our very eyes? Much more below include a new video from Dane Wigington from the Geoengineering Watch website discussing Harvey as well as a look at a few potential reasons why Texas might be under weather warfare right now.

With weather modification now the cutting edge between ‘real news’ and ‘fake news’, with the mainstream media and their ‘watchdog Snopes’ refusing to report upon countries such as China creating rain for an area twice the size of France or farmers in states such as North Dakota recently complaining that weather modification is failing them, we take a look at this new story from ‘Chemtrails Planet’ called “Weather Terrorists Engineer Hurricane Harvey For Maximum Destruction”.

Reporting within their story that ‘Harvey’ was allowed to move into Texas unimpeded and cause millions of dollars in property damage and possible fatalities, they outlined for us the developments that helped to turn this massive weather system into the ‘500-year-flood’weathermen said it had become. From Chemtrails Planet:
Friday, Aug 25th, 2017: Looking at the SSEC Watervapor map on a 28 hour loop, we see that hurricane Harvey was being targeted with microwave RF sufficient to temporarily destroy the eyewall’s organization at two separate times in this loop as the storm advanced in a Northeast path toward Texas. In the previous two videos we show the distinct markings of the microwave transmitter targeting Harvey, superheating various areas near its center which generate pressure waves and ‘blast’ patterns while disrupting the convective process in the storm.

A major hurricane has not hit the Gulf coast area in many years because of the same covert weather control operation that has been occurring unreported until about two and a half years ago when this channel began daily reports showing how weather manipulation in the form of satellite-based microwave and/or laser transmitters are used to generate on-demand high pressure to steer and/or super-heat and kill large storms and hurricanes. Ground-based microwave transmitters (NEXRAD) are also employed to break up and evaporate precipitation from the ground.

‘Chemtrail’ aerosols are sprayed in the skies preceding incoming weather fronts or moisture fields in order to cause a capping inversion layer over the moisture field which prevents atmospheric lift necessary for the precipitation process while also lowering the RH and Dew points in the atmosphere.

All three of these elements of covert weather control are coordinated by a small group of people connected with the NOAA, Dept. of Defense, Defense Meteorological Agency, and NASA. Raytheon / Boeing build much of the satellite hardware used to generate the high power microwave RF.


In Steve Quayle‘s book “Weather Wars & Un-Natural Disasters” he warned us that “technology would make available, to the leaders of the major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of security forces need be appraised… Techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm.”

While it’s completely mind-blowing to us that some people have such closed minds, they’ve never even bothered to investigate the nearly 100 years of weather modification patents that are fully available for the public to read, the fact that a huge percentage of Americans are still getting their news from the MSM, completely believing the drivel that comes out of their mouths, helps to explain why our nation is now in such dire straits in many different ways.

We’ve also previously reported on the US Air Force’s “Weather As A Force Multiplier – Owning The Weather In 2025”, a document which can be found right here. What was the US Air Force referring to when they mentioned ‘Owning the Weather’ back when that document was written in August of 1996 if NOT weather warfare and weather modification?


With Harvey also showing how quickly ‘the unprepared’ will be hurting badly in an emergency as food, water, power and emergency services fail as shared in this new story from Mike Adams over at Natural News, we believe a critical element to watch out for in the days and weeks ahead is the price of gas and oil.

With prices already going up with predictions that prices will continue to climb as the region realizes the true extent of the damage there, estimates that more than 10% of the US oil production capacity has been damaged give us one sign of where this may be going from here. As CNBC has just reported, as much as 1/3 of the US oil refining capacity may be damaged by the aftermath of Harvey.

Another great concern to watch out for in the days ahead are what’s being called ‘potentially catastrophic floods’ near several different nuclear power plants with ‘the worst’ still likely to come according to experts.

“This event is unprecedented & all impacts are unknown & beyond anything experienced,” the National Weather Service (NWS) tweeted Sunday morning.

With more and more evidence now coming out that Hurricane Harvey was ‘allowed to occur’ and experts warning that things will continue to deteriorate in the region before things get much better, we pray for the people of Texas in the days ahead.