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Insider Warns Trucking Shutdown May Begin Within Weeks Over Mandatory Electronic Logging Devices- ‘Death Knell’ For American Truck Driver Could ‘Shut Down America Within Days Or Overnight’!

Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline

Back on June 24th, ANP reported upon what ANP reader James Grubbs called ‘the most alarming SQAlert he had read in years’, a warning from a trucker in America about a mandate beginning in December of 2017 that would require all commercial truckers to use ELD’s, electronic logging devices.

Claiming that trucking as a whole in America was a total mess, but it was about to get a whole lot worse, we were warned that such ELD mandates would establish a dictatorial control grid over all ‘over the road trucking’, monitored in real time, and that such control was absolutely ripe for abuse.

As we hear in the final video below, for the past year+, ELD mandates have been the talk of the entire trucking industry with many warning they’ll be the ‘death knell of American trucking’

After receiving an email about our June 24th story from an ANP reader who was also a trucker, Susan Duclos published a story on July 4th titled “This Black Swan Event Is Happening Now And Will ‘Bring This Country To A Halt'” in which she reported that many truckers may decide to retire rather than living under a ‘dictatorial control grid’ in their jobs with our reader warning us:

All of this will result in stortages at every level. Gas stations, groceries, medical, and so on. This will in itself cause price inflation across the spectrum. Now with the lack of available trucks to move all the freight, many loads will sit idle. This will cause many industries to run into supply problems, exacerbate the problem even further. Not to mention the increase in rates for trucks as the battle among shippers to get their loads moved, and the highest bidder wins, causes even more price increases. 

As our reader also warned us then, while a petition to the US Supreme Court brought by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association to overturn mandatory ELD’s was denied, truckers would be organizing in October.

And as we’ve just learned from a very well-trusted ANP source, as it appears that mandatory ELD’s will soon become the law of the land in America with the Supreme Court denial, a massive trucking strike or shutdown may soon happen nationwide, possibly beginning within weeks.

And as anybody paying attention knows, such a shutdown of our trucking system could ‘shut down America’ within days if not overnight.


As we see in the alarming and eye-opening graphic further down in this story, should suddenly and without warning the trucks stop delivering their supplies, within 24 hours, hospitals would run out of basic medical supplies, service stations would run out of fuel and food shortages would begin to develop.

Within 2 to 3 days, ATM’s would run out of cash, garbage would begin piling up across the nation as fuel shortages prevent service industries such as garbage collection from operating, and supplies of water and canned meat would disappear as major retailers are no longer resupplied with food shortages escalating as the public begins mass panic.

With things only going downhill from there, within a week automobile travel would virtually cease due to no fuel being resupplied to gas stations with the nations clean water supply starting to run dry and completely used up by the 4th week.

How many people reading this are prepared to go more than just a few days should the trucks stop running?

With hurricane Maria’s wrath upon Puerto Rico showing us a worst-case scenario with most of the island torn apart and extreme difficulties getting new food, water and supplies on to the island due to the completely destroyed infrastructure.


As we see in the graphic above, the support for mandatory ELD’s among over the road drivers show a huge percentage of truckers in opposition to them. And as we read in the June SQAlert republished below, there’s a good reason for the opposition as trucking is now following the banking and healthcare systems into total tyranny. As we’re warned, whether or not we think these new regulations will effect us and our families or not, this could lead to the ‘black swan event’ Susan warned us of.

Control trucking, you control every part of this country, and as 1/5th of the GDP, the economy of every part of this country. WARNING AND HEADS UP ON COMING DICTATORIAL AND TOTAL CONTROL OF OVER THE ROAD TRUCKING, MONITORED IN REAL TIME- 

Steve, thought your readers would like to know about this.

Trucking as a whole is a mess, but about to get really bad.

On Dec 18 2017 a mandate goes into effect called the ELD or electronic logging device mandate.

Put together under the Map21 plan. Doesnt sound bad, we all go paperless, woohoo. Well there is more to it. Today I spoke with a fmcsa enforcement agent, asking some questions, he boldly stated that this “was about tracking”, and pointed me to some info. As an owner I have been looking into this more deeply. This mandate, requires all trucks, with only 4 clear exceptions, to install a device to electronically keep drivers hours of service. The scary part is, this device Must be certified by fmcsa, Must be registered with fmcsa, Must be hard wired into the trucks ECM ( engine computer) allowing access to telemetry, Must have internal GPS, Must identify driver and his/her last 7 days + current days hours of service including shipper and commodity and Must be accessible on demand by fmcsa agents by telmetrics or bluetooth. Plus more. 

In other words, they will be electronically tracking every truck. Knowing company, unit, driver, location, speed, direction, shipper, and commodity, In Real Time All this to keep us from “cheating” on our logs? I call BS. 

I said before, trucks are the red blood cells of the american body, everthing moves by truck, Everything. Control trucking, you control every part of this country, and as 1/5th of the GDP, the economy of every part of this country. The government will have absolute tyranical control of the transport of goods when this kicks in. And it is going to have an affect on everyone, access to goods, prices, ect. They got control of banking, healthcare, now the supply lines, whats next? 

Prep now, while you can. Good luck to you all, and God bless

With a potential truckers shutdown only weeks away, this story over at Ask The Trucker gives us another look at just how badly a long-duration truckers strike could devastate our nation.

It is with this mass panic and rush buying from consumers, that the short-term and long-term affects of a nationwide trucking strike begins . . . followed by complete devastation:


Simply knowing that some truckers feel that the best way of carrying out a successful strike would be to keep the date of the strike a secret to better ensure their future success should be seen as a strong warning to us: America may not be told that this potential ‘black swan event’ is about to begin. So, we prepare the best that we can now and take this warning from our well-trusted source as possibly the last warning we may get before such a strike begins.

In the first video below from we get a breakdown from a trucker on why so many truckers are unhappy with mandatory ELD’s soon being the law of the land in America while both the 2nd and 3rd videos below take a look at what will likely happen in America should such a shutdown of our ‘arriving just in the nick of time’ system suddenly come screeching to a grinding halt.

As Steve Quayle wisely mentioned in an SQnote while linking to this must-read story by Survival Online 101 titled “What Happens When The Stockpile Is Gone And There’s Nothing Available To Eat”, this is why we prepare today!

Now, some truckers are beginning to rally together to fight this to the End. But sadly, they are not getting any coverage, other than what I mentioned at the beginning of this. They are being led by country music singer Tony Justice, and are planning a rally in October, and possible shutdowns.

A shutdown would bring this country to a halt, Overnight.