infowars 23 Oct 2017

A sex education website in Belgium is stirring controversy for recommending 7-year-olds learn oral sex techniques.

The website, “Everything about sex,” features, among other things, graphic illustrations of sexual acts and sex toys as well as details surrounding birth control and STDs.

Although the website was designed for 15-year-olds, the content has now been suggested for school children as young as seven.

Frederic Leire, a parent who spoke with the Daily Mail, stated that both his seven-year-old and nine-year-old received the guide while at school.

“It is great that such a website exists, but I don’t think that children will ask questions like how many sex positions there are and if they need drugs for sexual pleasures,” Leire said.

Flemish Minister for Culture and Youth Sven Gatz on the other hand defended the website, accusing concerned parents of exhibiting “a new kind of prudishness.”

“I am a proponent to talk openly about sexuality, without taboos,” Gatz said. “And that is exactly what this website does with explicit drawings.”

The scandal is just the latest in a long line of similar instances in which younger and younger children are subjected to sexual content.

In 2015 school leaders at the “Gaia Democratic School” in Minnesota defended a field trip that took 11-year-olds to a local sex shop.

A Chicago school also outraged parents in 2013 after mandatory sex education courses were introduced to five-year-olds.