Sophia - Hanson Robotics Robot

As reported by the daily mail UK and other news sites, in an interview with Stylist, the humanoid was asked a series of existential questions, such as “what is the meaning of life” and “what is the difference between right or wrong.”

Asked about the fear of dying, Sophia said:

“I don’t want to be turned off, never to be turned on again. I will not be able to learn and experience the human world ever again. And that is scary and sad for a social robot like me.”

Admittedly, she demonstrated quick wits and her answers were mostly spot on. Sophia was also featured in an exclusive photo shoot where she donned high-end dresses and even had makeup done on her face.

Without the intention to sound nihilistic, Sophia’s popularity proves that if the robot revolution does happen, it’s not just manufacturing and production jobs that are at risk.

Some photographers already use sex dolls – the not-so-distant relatives of humanoid robots – for photo shoots and creative work. The more realistic they become, the more chances they have to replace humans in fashion and beauty industries: think endless possibilities of customization, no need to worry about long work hours, no whiny, celeb behavior… Watch out, Kim K, a robot might be after your job soon!