9 June 2018

Dave Hodges

Frequently I receive information from disgruntled employees to “aware and awake” personnel with a conscience” from the various alphabet soup agencies. However, I have been hearing about FEMA barges since Hurricane Katrina and getting details has proven almost impossible. There literally is no paper trail regarding mission plans, or operations details.

Scant Information On FEMA Barges

As stated, I have been hearing the stories and rumors of FEMA barges since Katrina, small operation, to Houston’s Hurricane Harvey, large operation. My sources of information have not been federal employees as much as the few people who have contacted me who were able to escape the clutches of FEMA. Therefore, much of my previous knowledge comes from people who have seen the operations from the outside looking in, not the from the inside, hence, another reason for the elusiveness of the operation.

Since Hurricane Harvey, I have received two detailed stories from two separate individuals in two different locations who provided information on how people are supposedly “gathered up”.

The supposed stories had some common elements.

First, armed private contractors do a sweep of an area where they are hoping to gather up detainees. The people are disarmed by the private contractors of anything that could be used as a weapon. In both cases, sustenance food and water was left behind for the potential evacuees in anticipation of FEMA’s arrival. The objective of the initial personnel was not to transport anyone, anywhere, they were solely disarming the people and told to stay in place as more help was coming. One person told me that he asked to be transported to a safer area by their so-called rescuers, for medical reasons and was refused. This is when he became suspicious.

When FEMA arrived, he decided to hide himself and his family in what he described as a safe room that was concealed from people conducting a house-to-house search. He said there were motor boats and helicopters that were in the area for about four hours.

I asked him why mistrusted the second wave of rescuers and he told me the original contractors that came through conducted a forced search of his property looking for guns.

He said the excuse given by the military contractors was that traumatized people might shoot at rescuers. When he asked them where his family would be taken, he was told that they did not know. That was his warning bell that something was not right.

In the aftermath, he returned to his neighborhood and several of his neighbors that decided to stay put during the storm could not be found. Some, perhaps most, vacated the area before the storm hit. He said as far as he knew, that this family were the only ones that he know of that intended to get through the event without evacuating, that was still left. He relocated to Arizona and someone he knew put him in touch with me and we had a face to face communication. I know his name, his former occupation and how he came to Arizona and this is a legitimate story. He said, under the present set of circumstances, he does not dare go public because of what he learned. This person is extremely fearful and communication is only one way, and as a result, I may not hear from this person again. We have had two face-to-face meetings.

The second individual and myself had first hand experience and contact with FEMA personnel who evacuated their semi-rural, Houston area.

FEMA personnel were in boats with a loud speakers. There were well-armed. The man with the bullhorn said they were there to take them to safety. The lower level of their home was flooded on the first level and had about four feet of standing water. FEMA came to their door and yelled in to see if anyone was in the home. He felt that standing water discouraged them from coming in the home. He told me that he would have trusted FEMA based on what he heard, but about an hour before FEMA knocked on his door, he said he observed people under guard being boarded on to boats. a couple of blocks from his home which he observed from a third story window. He told me he understood why FEMA would be armed under these conditions, but he did not like the method of supervision that he witnessed from his third story window.

The second person was in the process of restoring his home and needed federal cooperation to do so and so he will not be speaking out, but thought people should know. The first person is trying to make a new life in a new location and has no desire to become known because he fears retalilation.

The combination of these two stories were concerning, but it is not the stuff that would necessarily make for a believable story, at least not until now. Neither of these two stories involved the use of FEMA barges. However, the forced relocations of FEMA with the oversight of the local Sheriff’s Departments were concerning to me. In neither case was local law enforcement witnessed in helping with the evacuation at the points of observed first contact.

Despite the anecdotal and anonymous nature of these reports, I did receive communications from individuals who were willing to self-identify who told a similar story.I have lost count of the number of bizarre stories coming out of Hurricane Harvey. The entire region was clouded with controversy, conspiracy, suspicion, and inuendo.

Look at this report from Beaumont, TX:

My sister just sent me these texts:


FEMA is picking up the people who went to the government to rescue them.  

My friends said they were herding them like cattle onto plans and not telling them where they were taking them.  

They were all pretty devastated by what went  on down there. These people saw it. 

They were so upset.

Me:  What?

Second Communication


Yes I have friends that just came from the Beaumont area and said that the people who did not get rescued by the Louisiana navy got loaded on planes and were not told where they were being taken. 


The way that these Houston area evacuations were handled in these two situations, along with the on-the-record-account with regard to the Beaumont area forced evacuations to anonymous locations,  compelled me to take a look at the subject of FEMA barges and I am very disturbed by what I found!


The Existence of FEMA Prison Barges Is Public (kind of)

In late May to very early June, I started to receive reports concerning information regarding disturbing FEMA activity in Hawaii. One of the reports I received was about force incarcerations of people were not willing to evacuate. In response to these reports, I made a video about the events. My main purpose for making the video had to do with the hope that I could shake the trees enough that more information would come out and that has started to happen. Here is that initial report:

FEMA barges are not a black budget operation as I would have suspected.

The FEMA barge funding is public record and that is because they can hide this operation, whatever it is, in plain sight, because it has the appearance of legitimacy, which would be to rescue people who are in coastal area, or near bodies of water, who need to be rescued.

However, despite the use of a public budget, operational details are secretive and obscure and there is a fear-based reticence among many, who would normally talk to me about such operational details. Most of my regular sources claim to know nothing or, they tell me that ANY revelation of operational details could be contained.

However, during Hurricane Harvey, four people did contact me and did go on the record and people in Florida evacuations some months later also contacted me and were quite clear, they knew of people who went into FEMA custody who did not reappear last year.

What I Have Learned from Deep Cover, Anonymous Sources (Federal)

I have had two sources, who are reliable,  share what they know about the use of FEMA barges. Here s a summar of what I have learned.

Today is the day that the infamous FEMA barges are to arrive in Hawaii, ostensibly to offshore locations near Hawaii, and will not use any of the traditional ports (eg Hiwo), so as to not arouse undue attention.

There are two origination departure points, off the coast of LA and near San Diego-Baja region of Mexico.

The FEMA barges are multi-story and conspicuous in appearance. They are able to hold 2000 to 3000 people, depending on how cramped FEMA will allow the conditions to be. officially, they justify the cramped conditions because the barges are only meant to be used for a few days at a time. They are not meant to be permanent housing so accomodations are very primitive.

In Houston’s Hurricane Harvey, I was told that the barges were used primarily in the Port Arthur area. The amont of people held was unknown. Their final disposition was unknown. I was told that if FEMA comes to your neighborhood, run! Do not submit to their authority.

I asked if the Houston and Florida hurricane events were beta tests for FEMA evacuation of large-scale evacuations. I was told without question and then I was given one nugget of information that was shocking. 

I was clearly told that a major false flag bio-release will likely happen and this will lead to the evacucation of large segments of the population and these people will be vaccinated against any presumed or pretend pathogen. I was told to not trust the vaccinations.

This is undoubtedly not the end to this very bizarre story. As interest grows in these events, more people with a conscience and knowledge will be speaking out.

In my literature search, I found this video which I think is very compelling and speaks clearly to the allegations made in my report.