"Dirty, Stinking Belgian": Migrant Gang Pelts Handicapped Old Lady With Stones

Multiculturalism has failed

A dozen migrants in the city of Antwerp pelted a handicapped elderly lady with large stones while calling her a “dirty, smelly Belgian” during an alarming attack.

The woman was visiting her old neighbors on Thursday afternoon on her mobility scooter. She met an old acquaintance and stopped to chat before being approached by a gang of migrant youths who immediately began throwing stones at her.

“They flew near my head and my scooter was hit. They weren’t small stones, they were paving stones of around 15 centimeters across,” the woman said.

When the woman asked why she was being attacked, her assailants responded by hurling racist slurs.

“I asked them what the problem was and then they called me a dirty, stinking Belgian,” she said. “They made obscene hand gestures and said they will bring back their brothers and the rest of their families.”

The victim called the police immediately after the attack, but the gang had already fled. Attempts by eyewitnesses to locate the attackers were also unsuccessful. The woman was not seriously injured.

Like Molenbeek, Antwerp is notorious for parts of it being migrant-populated ghettos where crime and physical attacks are commonplace.

Last year, the Mayor was forced to slap a ban on public gatherings in the city after riots between Turkish and Kurdish migrants. Antwerp was also hit by widespread rioting in migrant areas in 2002.

Statistics show that around 75% of children in Belgium’s second largest city have migrant backgrounds.

As we highlight in the video below, Europe’s attempt to assimilate millions of Muslim migrants has clearly failed and the situation will only continue to get worse unless major political changes take place.

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