Plagiarism — The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.

‘there were accusations of plagiarism’
count noun ‘it claims there are similar plagiarisms in the software produced at the university’

About Christine

Christine Caine is an Australian-born, Greek-blooded, lover of Jesus, activist, author and international speaker. Her primary passion is to make Jesus’ last command her first priority by giving her all to see the lost saved and to build the local church – globally. Christine also has a passion for justice, and together with her husband Nick, founded the anti-human trafficking organization The A21 Campaign.

In 2015, they also founded Propel Women, an organization designed to honor the calling of every woman, empower her to lead, equip her for success, and develop a sense of God-given purpose. Powered by hot, extra-dry, skinny, cappuccinos, Christine is a lover of words who speaks too fast, talks too much, and also writes them down. 

Her most recent book is, ‘Unashamed: Drop the Baggage, Pick Up Your Freedom, Fulfill Your Destiny.’


Clearly Caine is unashamed at making as much money, fame and fortune from someone else’s ideas as she can. And all this dishonesty is linked to Hillsong

But as reported recently by Christian post,  International ‘evangelist’ Christine Caine and her publishers have reached a settlement with Colorado author and life coach Carey Scott, who sued them in May for copying portions of a book she published in 2015 and including the lifted material in two best-selling books Caine later published.

The settlement was first reported by Publishers Weekly but no details were made public.

In Scott’s lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court of the Western District of Michigan in May, she named Caine, HarperCollins Publishers LLC, HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc., The Zondervan Corporation and Inc. d/b/a Zondervan Publishing as defendants.

When asked if she wished to comment on the settlement Friday, Scott replied via email: “No, I do not. Thank you.”

A representative from Zondervan was also not immediately available for comment when contacted by CP and Caine’s office had no comment on the lawsuit as well.

Scott’s attorney, Joseph R. Delehanty, describes her in the lawsuit as a motivational author and speaker whose message focuses on Christian women who battle insecurity and feelings of worthlessness and shame. She developed a number of Bible study methods, ministry aids, and general media and print resources for her audience.

In May 2015, Scott shared some of her Christian self-help wisdom in a book titled Untangled: Let God Loosen the Knots of Insecurity in your Life, through publishing company Revell, which is a subsidiary of the Baker Publishing Group.

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(PHOTO: FACEBOOK)Colorado author and motivational speaker, Carey Scott.

A year later, in May 2016, Caine published her book, Unashamed: Drop the Baggage, Pick up your Freedom, Fulfill Your Destiny, through Zondervan Publishing, which is a sister company to HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc., and owned by HarperCollins Publishers LLC.. Caine also published Unshakeable: 365 Devotions for Finding Unwavering Strength in God’s Word, in October 2017 through Zondervan Publishing.


“Ms. Scott contends that her work, Untangled, including exact wording, phrasing, and compilation, along with the book’s general thematic message and presentation, is consistently copied, reworded, and derived without authorization within Unashamed and Unshakeable and that there exists proof of direct copying within the book’s promotional materials and printed, e-book, and audio forms,” Delehanty said in the complaint against Caine and her publishers.


“… This is an action under federal copyright law for injunctive relief and monetary damages arising out of, inter alia, Defendants’ willful infringement and unauthorized use of Plaintiff’s copyrighted work,” he added.

The complaint notes that Scott learned of the similarities between her book and Caine’s Unashamed on April 27, 2016, about two weeks before the evangelist’s book was published. She reached out to Caine’s publishers to inform them of the infringement but “Ms. Caine and Zondervan persisted with the book’s publication.”

“About two weeks before Caine’s book Unashamed was set to launch, I received a promotional email that contained a two-minute book trailer video. Some of the wording at the beginning of the video sounded very familiar, and after some digging I discovered that the first 30 seconds of her personal narration on the promo video came directly from a paragraph on page 55 of my book,” Scott told PW. “There are several examples of direct copying and substantial similarities.”

Caine is alleged to have contacted Scott in July 2016 and “affirmatively acknowledged that she had access to and read Ms. Scott’s work,” the lawsuit said.

Untangled was a very hard book to write. In its pages, I detailed the sexual abuse I suffered as a child. I shared emotional stories and revealed very personal struggles — ones I never thought I’d talk about publicly. Even more, I deeply admired Caine,” Scott told PW.

“When I saw my words in her work, it felt like a huge betrayal by someone I trusted.”

Too many churches have women leaders
The reason we have all this tom foolery is because these churches have these women preachers

Characteristics of Jezebel Churches (Baal )

1. Baal Worship

Baal was a god of prosperity, god of harvest, sex and fertility

Today Baal churches preach and teach Baal doctrines; prosperity, harvest, sex and fertility.


  • Prosperity

Jezebel Baal churches preach and teach false gospel of prosperity.

These false gospel does not preach/teach repentance, salvation, hell, heaven and Jesus coming

The true Biblical gospel focuses on the kingdom of heaven not the kingdom of the world

Baal prosperity gospel teaches contrary to the true gospel – it is a false gospel

See prosperity gospel is leading millions to hell

All Jezebel Baal churches preach and teach the kingdom of world and its prosperity

  • Harvest

Baal was a god of harvest

There is a false gospel today in many so-called churches of planting and harvesting – it is a Baal gospel


Every Jezebel Baal church teaches false gospel of planting and harvesting

  • Sex

Baal gospel teaches sex in details.

Biblical gospel only speaks of man and woman becoming one flesh not sex in details.

Teaching sex in details perverts sex and its main purpose as ordained by God. See Biblical main purpose of sex

Jezebel Baal churches teach sex styles, how women should please men sexually, how women should dress to please men, women to act like harlots, teaches sexual seduction, women to use beauty and sex to get what they want from men, etc.

They teach women how to keep men by sex. Can a man be kept by sex? No!

These churches have extra-programs where the Jezebel teaches other women doctrine of Jezebel – sex, using beauty and sex to their advantage. See Jezebel traits

Look at the Jezebels running the churches – she dresses like harlot, in miniskirts, exposing breasts in the name of cleavage, etc, and teaches other women to imitate her in the name of a spiritual mummy while in reality she is Jezebel, a Satanic mummy.

See spiritual father and mother a false gospel

These churches and women in church calling themselves God servants teaching you sex are Jezebels and the churches they are in are serving Baal.

  • Fertility

Baal was a god of fertility

2. Led by a Prophetess

Jezebel calls herself a prophetess

Rev 2:20: … you have allowed that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess

Many Jezebels today call themselves prophetesses

What do they prophecy?

Their prophesies are only about prosperity, harvest, sex and fertility (getting children and relationships) – Baal doctrine

God raises His true prophets to prophecy the kingdom of heaven and His judgment for humanity to run to repentance for salvation.

Baal prophets and prophetesses prophecy only of prosperity, sex, fertility and harvest

And these Baal prophets and prophetesses are in many so-called churches

Is a prophetess allowed to lead a church Biblical?

No! According to the Bible, a prophetess does not lead – you will never see a prophetess in the Bible leading

Baal Jezebel churches are led by women calling themselves prophetesses

3. Marrying older women to younger men

One trait of Jezebel is teaching other women to rise to authority and control especially over men.

From these characteristics of Jezebel churches, you can identify Baal Jezebel churches today.


Do not be part of Jezebel churches because your end is damnation

Do not be lied – you are not serving Jesus Christ in these Jezebel churches but Baal

Repent Repent Repent

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand