News Desk Hal Turner

At about 8:25 PM eastern US time last night, word got out that spy satellites had picked-up Transporter-Erector-Launcher (TEL) vehicles inside Pakistan, being removed from their storage facilities with missiles on them.

Further analysis REQUIRED visual verification and that verification came about an hour later from resources on the ground inside Pakistan: the missiles are the Shaheen-III medium Range Ballistic Missile, armed with NUCLEAR WARHEAD.

These particular TEL’s were in storage Depots assigned to Pakistan’s National Command Authority and that is the NUCLEAR arm of their government.

This information was revealed LIVE on the air during the Hal Turner Radio Show on WBCQ, WRMI, and KYAH radio.

What was NOT known (at that time) was whether these TEL’s were being moved out to USE, or to protect from being destroyed by possible Indian attack?  Or was it just a “message” because Pakistan knew the missiles would be seen by spy satellites?

At 3:50 AM ET today (Thursday) intel sources confirmed directly that analysts see the TEL’s have been moved to what would be considered LAUNCH locations. As such, the Intel Community believes Pakistan intends to USE Medium-Range-Ballistic-Missiles with nuclear warheads.

If fired from southeastern Pakistan the Shaheen III can hit India’s Nicobar and Andaman Islands which are west of Thailand. India is believed to have placed nuclear assets there.

At present, it is not known if Pakistan intends a first strike, or if Pakistan fears a ground invasion which they know they are incapable of countering due to vastly superior India armed forces numbers.  The chart below shows that India is FAR superior to Pakistan in all the ways that matter:

It is believed Pakistan fears a ground invasion because yesterday, India turned over to military control, their National Highway 1-A; the major east-west corridor in the far north of India. There is only one reason to do that: create a Logistics chain to support a ground invasion to take back all of Jammu and Kashmir from Pakistan control.

Overnight, Pakistan took what are seen as unusual and decisive actions against camps that India regards as TERRORISTS.  Pakistan attacked certain camps, and made arrests of people allegedly tied to the terror group Jaish e-Muhammed.

Just  hours ago, Pakistan Prime Minister Khan told a joint sitting of Parliament that Pakistan wants the situation to de-escalate and would be RELEASING the captured India fighter jet pilot whose plane was shot down by Pakistan.

For its part, India does not seem interested at all in these developments.  India says their air strike against Jaish e-Muhammad terror camps was targeted retaliation for a terror attack against India on February 14 which killed forty (40) India Police Officers.  India also says that Pakistan’s response to those air strikes was to target India military sites and military gear.  In other words, an act of war.

Indian Defense Ministry: “We believe that the Pakistan air intrusion was an attack on military installations. We believe that the Indian Air Force Pilot was ill-treated by the Pakistan Army in violation of the Geneva convention.”

“India did not target any civilians or military installations, but Pakistan escalated by targeting Indian military installations. India did not deliberately cross LoC, very strong demarches have been given. India has foiled Pak attempts at creating a war psychosis.”

As this story publishes at 10:33 AM ET, there remains constant shelling between Pakistani and Indian positions along the LoC.

Said one military intel source “Every time I try to think rationally about this situation, I remember that the Pakistanis protected Osama Bin Laden for years in the middle of a neighborhood surrounded by military staffers.”