Madeleine McCann: Where cadaver and blood dogs alerted in ...


Netflix has made a documentary investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.
It’s understood that Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry, didn’t take part in the documentary with the Metropolitan Police’s investigation still A source said to be close to the producers has told the Daily Mail, “Everyone everywhere is fascinated by the Maddie story.

“We would have welcomed the opportunity of working with the McCanns directly but they informed us they couldn’t and wouldn’t consider taking part while a police investigation into their daughter’s abduction is ongoing.

“But we have interesting new interviews with people close to the inquiry and we believe we can give justice to this unbelievably tragic story.”

But of the 2 episodes I have already watched, to me the doco is just a rehash of the events reinforcing the McCann’s version anyway. So not alot to see here. For the McCanns to appear in the documentary would have put their verson of the story under more scrutiny.


So lets see what the dogs have to tell us.


The Canine Evidence in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann

Obviously the subject of Madeleine McCann has and will continue to appear on this subreddit forever, but I thought it might be a worthwhile episode to ask how you discount the evidence provided by the canines involved in the case?

It is well known that 5 days after the disappearance the Portuguese authorities used sniffer dogs to search the apartment, the complex and the nearby beach without turning up anything.

But the evidence I am interested in talking about is that found by the British Dogs Keela and Eddie.

Keela and Eddie

Keela was a crime scene dog that was trained to give her handler a specific signal when she detected blood, the signal being to lower her nose to the ground and stay like that.

Eddie was an Enhanced Victim Recovery Dog that was trained to bark only when he detected the scent of human cadavers.

Both dogs came from South Yorkshire police at the request of British Authorities during the investigation.

The dogs were taken to the Apartment, a wasteland and the beach.

What they found in the first search Neither dog made any signal during the searches of the wasteland areas or the beach but both dogs signalled within the apartment.

Both Keela and Eddie gave their signal when they searched behind the sofa of the McCann Apartment and Eddie gave a further alert near the wardrobe in the Bedroom.

What they found in the second search

After the initial search the Portuguese authorities decided to go further and obtained warrants to search the McCann’s Apartment they had rented since the disappearance and the Renault Scenic Car they had rented 24 days after the disappearance.

Despite a full search of the apartments Eddie only gave his signal when he encountered Madeleines ‘cuddle cat’ toy lying on the living room floor.

Keela gave no alerts in the new apartment.

The police removed cuddle cat along with boxes of clothes, diary’s and other evidence from this second apartment and laid everything out in a new location for the dogs.

Eddie alerted to cuddle cat again and also to one of the boxes of clothing.

Keela did not alert at this time.

The Renault Scenic

The car the McCann’s had rented was also removed and several days later was placed in an underground garage with 30 other vehicles evenly spaced up to 30feet apart.

Eddie gave an alert by the drivers door.

Keela alerted to the trunk and the glove compartment which contained maps and the keys of the car.

The keys were then placed in a bucket of sand and Keela alerted again.

The bucket was finally placed in a different part of the car park and Keela again alerted beside it.

What does this tell us? DNA can be compromised or contaminated, fingerprints can be smudged or explained in many ways but how can these two British dogs identifying blood and the smell of a dead body in so many areas be discounted?

While it could be said that Madeleine may have died in the apartment and then been removed by an unknown party, how can the evidence found in the new apartment and car almost a month after the disappearance be explained?

Why has this evidence not been given more credit for its indication of the McCann’s having more to do with the disappearance and likely death of their daughter?










Two specialist English sniffer dogs were summoned to Praia da Luz in August 2007 to try and help work out what had happened to Madeleine McCann.

The springer spaniels, named Eddie and Keela, and their handler Martin Grime had been handpicked by the UK police force’s national search expert, Mark Harrison.


During their intensive search the two dogs made 13 alerts in several key locations of interest in the case.

Read that again…. the two dogs who work separately made, not 3, but 13 alerts 


Eddie’s behaviour changed the moment he came through the door of the apartment. He became tense and aware.

Investigative Journalist Robbyn Swan

Madeleine McCann: jaw-dropping footage of dogs alerting in McCann ...

Diagram showing where cadaver and blood dog alerted inside apartment 5A, where Madeleine McCann’s family stayed. (Nine)

According to a Portuguese police report, Eddie and Keela alerted a total of 13 times, including inside the McCann holiday apartment; a rental car they had hired three weeks after Maddie disappeared; and some personal items belonging to the family.

Madeleine McCann: jaw-dropping footage of dogs alerting in ...

In later television interviews, Gerry McCann questioned the reliability of cadaver dogs. The McCanns have strenuously denied any involvement in the disappearance of their daughter. does not suggest any involvement on their part.

The diagram in this article shows where in apartment 5A Eddie and Keela alerted.

These locations include next to a wardrobe in Mr and Mrs McCann’s master bedroom and behind a blue two seat sofa in the living room. The searches carried out by Grime and his dogs, and the assessments of search guru Harrison, are detailed in episode four of Maddie.


On August 6, six days after investigating apartment 5A, both dogs alerted on a silver Renault Scenic rental car the McCann’s had hired 25 days after Madeleine vanished.

A Portuguese police report also stated the dogs alerted on several items of Mrs McCann’s clothing, and Madeleine’s favourite soft toy, Cuddle Cat.

The work of cadaver and human blood dogs cannot be submitted as evidence in court. They can be a useful investigative tool for police, who strive to find corroborating evidence such as DNA, a body or a confession.

South Yorkshire Police dog handler Martin Grime with dog Eddie (left) in the North Cornwall village of Boscastle conducting a sweep search for possible victims of the 2004 flood which swept through the village.
South Yorkshire Police dog handler Martin Grime with dog Eddie (left) in the North Cornwall village of Boscastle conducting a sweep search for possible victims of the 2004 flood which swept through the village. (PA Images via Getty Images)

In a report filed by UK police expert Harrison after the search, he wrote: “No inference can be drawn as to whether a human cadaver has previously been in any location without other supporting physical evidence.”

One month after the dogs had concluded their search, the McCanns were declared arguidos (formal suspects), by Portugal’s Policia Judiciaria.

The ‘arguido’ status was lifted from Mr and Mrs McCann when the case was shelved, with no arrests or any sign of Madeleine, in August 2008.

Madeleine was just days away from her fourth birthday when she mysteriously went missing on a family holiday in Praia da Luz, on the Algarve.

She has never been found.