Central Israel under Rocket Attack from Gaza. Six injured…………….

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Two rockets from Gaza caused large explosions early Monday, March 25, in the town of Tira and Moshav Mishmeret in the Sharon region of central Israel north of Tel Aviv.

Six people were injured, including two infants and a woman of 60, who was moderately hurt, when their home in the moshav took a direct hit.
Two trapped residents pulled themselves out of the wrecked building.
Gaza Rocket
The explosions were caused by rockets fired by Arab Palestinian organizations from the Gaza Strip.
They came seconds after siren alerts across the Sharon and Hefer Valley regions, including Rosh Ha’Ayin, Afek, Kfar Saba, Neveh Yamin, Lev Hashon, Ain Vered, Pardesiya, Qalanswa, Ramat Hakovesh and Tel Mond.
The Magen David First Aid Service is on high alert.
Hamas has announced a build-up for a major escalation of attacks on Israel to mark the first anniversary of its March of the Million on March 31.

Netanyahu meets Trump at the White House at start of US visit………….

White House

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump are expected to discuss Iran’s bid to set up bases in Syria, and steps against Tehran obtaining nuclear weapons, when they meet at the White House on Monday.

Trump is also expected to sign a directive recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan.

After addressing the annual AIPAC Policy Conference on Tuesday, Netanyahu will spend time on Capitol Hill with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the leaders of the House of Representatives and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

He will wind up this four-day visit with a formal dinner hosted by the president at the White House  before returning home.