In a strange ramp up, New Zealanders are receiving home visits from police to check on their political views, with one individual claiming that authorities asked him if he supported Donald Trump.


The visits are taking place as a response to March’s Christchurch mosque massacre.In one clip, armed police arrive at a man’s home on Sunday morning to question him in relation to his political beliefs.

“The reason we’re here, basically it’s down to the recent events in Christchurch, with the shooting there, a number of people have been identified who we’ve been asked to go and speak to, so you’re one of those people,” says the officer.

The man is happy to talk to the cops, but they refuse to do so on camera and eventually leave. Admittedly he was challenging their right to be there, but the officers were not forthcoming with the camera on.

In a separate clip (below) another man relates the story of how he was visited by armed police (again on a Sunday morning) because he makes YouTube videos criticizing mass migration.

The man’s wife and daughter, who were both upset by the experience, were also interviewed by police.

“I was asked if I was a Trump supporter, I was asked if I was a racist and have I got any ethnic minority friends,” said the man, who runs a YouTube channel called Cross the Rubicon, adding that police also quizzed him on whether he owned guns.

Within a week, police returned to the house – 15 of them this time – closing off the entire street – to again interrogate him on his political views. They asked him ‘where his head is’.

“They’re trying to force me to shut my mouth and to keep it shut,” the man said.

He also warns that governments are exploiting the mosque shooting to de-platform conservatives.

One wonders whether random Muslims receive home visits from police after Islamic terror attacks…..Unlikely.

This is Jacinda’s New Zealand!!

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There is a war on free speech.