Hurricane Dorian Achieved "Category 3" at 8:50 EDT This Morning . . .

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Hurricane Dorian has increased in strength and is now a Category 3 Hurricane with sustained winds of 115 MPH.

Florida Governor Rick DeSantis says the Shoulders of Interstate Highways will be open for use as travel lanes for those evacuating.

If you are in South Florida you better get out no later than this afternoon. Remember there is only one way out of Florida and that’s north. Don’t wait till the weekend when millions of people will be leaving at the same time.


From a Hal Turner Show listener:

“My Grandfather was chief building official and engineering for the city of Coral Gables MIAMI from about 1939 until about 1987. He watched how the building codes became very relaxed as major developers moved into south Florida in the late 70’s and through the eighties. 

We had a long dry spell of no hurricanes during this time. Build it outta concrete and you will never have to worry. 

After college I went to work for a Subsidiary of Westinghouse building homes Boca, Delray, Boynton beach, etc., though I lived in Jupiter and would commute. 

Wood frame construction is very prevalent from Palm Beach Gardens north Juno Beach, Jupiter, and Stuart.  Many of these homes were built at the same time: 70’s through the late 80’s were constructed when our building codes were lax to say the least.

If this storm takes the track anticipated and comes in as a category 4 we are looking at Massive structural failures of single-family homes and town homes built out of wood. “

From Electric Grid Operators:

The latest power outage forecast for the state of Florida calling for *at least* 7.5 million people to be without power from Hurricane Dorian. These numbers will continue to increase. Dorian’s slow impact to the state will only serve to extend how long people are without power.

People in Florida are URGED to evacuate before this storms begins affecting the state.



The National Hurricane Center (NHC) reports as of 5:00 AM EDT on Friday, August 30, that Hurricane Dorian is expected to strike the east coast of Florida, with 140 MPH (Category 4) winds and intense, deadly,  “storm surge”  and 24 inches of rain within 50 miles of the coast from Miami to North Carolina!  UPDATE: Ocean Buoys recording 20.7 FOOT Waves!

People along the coast should have PLANS for evacuation as the storm approaches.

Storm Surge is what kills most victims in hurricanes and it happens within minutes.

Here is the latest Global Forecast System (GFS) computer model:


As seen on the model above, the worst of the storm will begin striking Monday afternoon, with landfall of the “eye” happening early Tuesday morning.  Once the hurricane force winds begin to strike the coast Monday, things will get steadily worse as the eye moves toward shore.

The fierce winds – expected to be around 140 MPH — will push the ocean water onto shore in what’s called storm surge.  This surge could exceed twenty-five FEET.  Homes and other buildings within a mile of the coastline will be completely inundated by water and waves crashing on top of that water.   Once the surge begins, it will rise to twenty five feet within three to five MINUTES.

Folks who have not evacuated BEFORE the storm surge begins, have NO CHANCE OF SURVIVING.

Residents must have an evacuation plan, where they will go and how they will get there, BEFORE the storm arrives.  Do not wait until you see it getting bad, to leave.  If you wait, once you see it getting bad, it will get too bad for you to leave, within minutes.

24 Inches Rain

As shown on the rain forecast below, areas within 50 miles of the coast from Miami, FL, thru Georgia, South Carolina, and the coast of North Carolina are expected to be deluged with twenty-four (24) inches of rain.   So if the wind and the storm surge doesn’t get you, the flooding from two feet of rain will.


The reason this story is emphasizing evacuation has to do with certain acts taking place now in Florida which appear to many people to be outright stupidity.

These Hurricane Party Cakes were photographed at a PUBLIX supermarket in Florida:

Somehow, we doubt the hurricane will take the message from these cakes and “Go Away”

Although when the storm surge smashes down the walls of houses, it might carry these cakes away . . . . and carry away any idiots who thought they could face-down one of the most fierce examples of nature’s awesome power.



Earlier this morning, Dorian passed about 30 or so miles west of this Buoy “Station 41046 – EAST BAHAMAS – 335 NM East of San Salvador Is, Bahamas” (this Buoy reports the weather data every 10 minutes). At 12:50 AM EDT the Maximum Wave Height was  “20.7 ft.”

Persons living along the Florida east coast should stop and think about this very carefully.  20 foot waves on top of storm surge.  Houses will NOT survive — neither will anyone inside them.



First morning flight recon pass through Dorian’s eye finding pressures estimated around 969mb with surface winds of ~110 mph in the NE eyewall.


967.9 mb Barometric Pressure

100 knots sustained winds.

That’s 115mph, which is  Cat 3.



Between 10:00 and 10:20 this morning, the “eye” of the Hurricane cleared-out of its cloud cover and is now clearly visible.  This storm is gaining strength at an unbelievable rate.  Fascinating and terrifying at the same time:


 UPDATE 10:56 AM EDT —

Weather Expert RyanMaue just said “Hurricane Dorian has developed an eye. Expecting it to become a major hurricane today.  Nothing currently stopping storm from reaching Category 5. There I said it.”



Government now officially (publicly) Confirming “Category 3 Major Hurricane”

Readers of this web site knew that info FIVE HOURS EARLIER as shown above in the Update 8:50 AM