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"Brethren, do not be children in understanding; however, in malice be babes, but in understanding be men". – 1 Corinthians 14:20

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We May Never Get Another Chance to Save America


|November 7th, 2019

We May Never Pass This Way Again

Like Columbus in the olden days, we must gather all our courage
Sail our ships out on the open seas. Cast away our fears and all the years that come and go. Take us up, always up.  We may never pass this way again.
  — Jim Seals and Dash Croft 1973.

I will turn 67 on November 26th.  How is it possible that I could actually be this age?  Sixty seven is what I would expect my father to be.  But he is no longer with us.  He would have been 100 on October 12th.

Dad would be surprised to be 100.  That is something he would expect HIS father to be.

Time is fleeting.  Time spent can never be recovered and time is slipping through the hour glass.  Where did my life go?  Better yet, what did I do with my life?  Except for what I invested in our children, what thing of significance did I really leave behind?  What GREAT thing did I ever do?

Most of us live our lives laboring in obscurity.  The world conforms us into its own image.  When most of us look into the rear view mirror we see nothing but speed bumps and skid marks, sad reminders of what might have been had we taken the time to more carefully plan our journey through history.

But here we sit in 2019, some still searching for significance, as we become more and more aware of the emptiness of material things.  It is so much more fulfilling to live on after we die through PEOPLE than it is to live on through THINGS.

What have you done for Christ?  What moment of bravery most sticks out in your mind as you look back over the years and the myriad opportunities that you had to make a difference for the Kingdom?  As old age and eventual death blow over the hills of your life what proud thoughts warm your neck?  What thing of bravery have you ever done?

Courage is a rare quality, especially in today’s world where everywhere you look you are being urged to conform, to remain silent, to keep your thoughts to yourself.  Have you ever looked over your chilly shoulder and longed to return to a specific moment in time when you had the chance to make a difference and didn’t?  When you had the chance to SAY your peace and decided instead to KEEP the peace?  Am I the only one who often longs for the one chance to go back and say what only I know I should have said?

Is there anything more regretful than a missed opportunity?

Perhaps it is old age, or maybe it is just crankiness, but I find that the older I get the less I care about what others think about me.  Oh, I want others to like me.  I want to be invited to all the right gatherings.  But I have reached the point in my life where I would rather speak the truth and be hated than speak a lie just to be loved.

A wise mentor once told me that life would be much easier and my conscience much clearer if I simply asked myself one question before choosing to bite my own tongue.

“Will the person you are worrying so much about offending cry at your funeral?”  That one answer so simplified my life and opened my mouth.

Apathy and silence is destroying America.

Why have Christians become so afraid to offend?  Why have we sat silently on the sidelines while the Devil and his minions have run roughshod over everything we hold dear?  Why have we remained mute in the face of evil, as if our silence somehow brings glory to our King?

Did you know that Jesus was called “the rock of offense?”  Did you know that He warned us that the world would hate us because they hated him first?  Did it ever dawn on you that they crucified Jesus because they hated his message?  You often can measure a man by the quality of his enemies.  Jesus had enemies.  Does that surprise you?  People actually HATED Jesus Christ?

Sadly, many still do today.

Why do Christians worry about the world loving them?  Why are we so focused on loving those who hate the Cross?  Jesus warned us to “love not the world nor the things of the world.”  Do you often find yourself loving what Jesus told us we should hate?

America sits at a crossroads and the hour glass is running dry.  No matter who wins the Presidency, America will never be the same.  If you think the haters of God are crazy now wait until the reality of “four more years” stiff arms them straight in the face.

If Trump loses…payback will be hell from the demons that occupy the swamp.  Either way, America is in for some rough sledding.

It is time for Christians to stand up and speak up.  Now is not the time to go limp.  Don’t cry “peace, peace, when there is no peace.”

My Dad was one of the Greatest Generation.  They turned back the greatest threat to liberty that this nation has ever known.

But those were our foreign enemies. All American was united in their common hatred of our common foe.

But today, our enemies are domestic.  Instead of bombs they use words.  In place of guns they use courts.  Mob violence is upon us.  Heroes will be made in the next 362 days.  Everyday Mom and Pops must rise to the occasion.  Now is the time for the voice of the church to ring out.

Through the hour glass of time who can explain why the Lord allowed us to be here now. It is time for us to be brave.   We must “sail our ships out on the open seas.”  Let us not miss this opportunity to defend our King.

Don’t miss your chance to be a hero.  All of Heaven is watching.  Have you been called into the Kingdom for such a time as this?

We may never pass this way again…

© 2019 Dave Daubenmire – All Rights Reserved

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2 thoughts on “We May Never Get Another Chance to Save America

  1. No human can save any country or this world for that matter.
    The bible is clear on that. There is only one Saviour. One Lord of Lords and King of Kings and n o former, current or future president is him.
    Sadly christians in America are too busy looking to Trump to save America instead of the one they are supposed to be putting their trust in. We have seen it time and time again on social media. Its actually become a form of idolatry by christians in the way many of them herald Trump ,and its sickening to read their tweets. They have put their total faith,trust and belief in Trump instead of Yeshua.
    The bible is clear on what can save on any country. It’s this . 2 Chronicles 7:14 (KJV)
    14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. Repentance is what will save any person and any country from Gods Wrath and all the consequences of sin. Not putting our trust in any pollie to sort out the worlds probs.
    Trump may be on the Republican side,but that doesn’t make him christian. By their fruits you will know them, the bible says. Whilst yes he may bring in some laws, that appear to be Godly, he most certainly is not bringing America totally under Gods laws and control. Also he is very much known to do illuminati hand symbols, and we have seen many a pic of him doing just that.
    The bible says Heaven and Earth will pass away. but Gods Word never will.
    That is why its so foolish for all the climate change believers, to think they can save the planet by their protests etc. We as christians need to put our trust in God alone, to see us through the end times, and share the truth of his Word in season and out.. Yes there are way too many christian churches making friends with the world, preaching the world instead of the truths of the bible ,and welcoming all sorts of worldly entertainment,,fashion etc into their churches in an attempt to win the lost. It’s like they no longer believe Gods Word and the Cross is good enough to reach the lost and win them. We are saved from our sins by the Cross and shed blood of the Lamb only. It’s not our automatic right to go to heaven when we die, though the way some churches now preach you would think its the right of every human, whether they have Yeshua as their Lord and Saviour or not.
    The bible says to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, and obedience to the Word of God, is still required even in this day of Grace. Grace doesn’t give us the right to sin, though the way many churches are today, you would think that was the case. Only when churches world wide begin to truly bow the knee to the Lord, and lift him up where he alone rightfully belongs, and truly repent of their sins, will we ever see true repentance happen in the world. But sadly the bible did warn us exactly what many churches would be like in these last days and what the world would be like too. Apostate churches will never be able to fulfill the great commission of making true disciples.
    Yes many can come to their churches, conferences and concerts and say a sinners pray in all the excitement ,but that does not mean they are one of Gods True sheep, because worldly churches create worldly christians who do not want to give up their sins for a Holy Righteous God, nor are they taught to do so.

  2. How true! What we are seeing in America is the judgment of God! God has give this once great nation over to it’s sin and a depraved mind! The churches in America have invited the world in, and cater to worldly celebrities and worldly music and worldly ideas! The church no longer preaches the gospel with power and authority, but instead, with compromise and tolerance of wickedness! The church actually honors and celebrates the wicked and pushes them to the top, to celebrity status! The Holy Spirit has been grieved and has withdrawn and has left the church to conduct business as usual and perform in the flesh! We are living in the days of apostasy and the great following away that the Bible speaks of! God has given the nation over to the lie and depravity of mind! This nation, like no other, has been granted unbelievable light, and opportunities, and times of great blessing from God, but has thrown it all overboard without any fear of God! It’s no longer thankful for these blessings, but instead shakes it’s fist in the face of God and dares the Almighty to show His hand! Well He is!! And it’s going to get a whole lot worse! In fact the Bible says, “Men’s hearts are going to fail for fear of seeing what’s coming on the face of the earth!” The lies and false idols of evolution and humanism, socialism and freebies, and money, theft, greed, murder of the unborn, and unbelief are going to pale in comparison to what’s coming! Starvation, stealing, killing, bloodshed, rage, rape, the total breakdown of society! Just look around and see! It’s already staring us in the face! We have total insanity in the news media, socialist, communist, governing our states and the nation! The climate change deranged movement! The youth of our nation in sink with it all, buying the lie, and lapping up there own demise! Picture our country as a time bomb, the fuse has been lit and it’s just about to go off! This is America…..a Nation with the golden cup of a godly biblical heritage! A nation who’s known the blessings of God from her beginning…..insanely forfeiting it all for death and destruction! But isn’t that what happens to a nation who forgets God and has been given over to it’s lusts and ungodliness? Satan, the prince of the power of the air, the one who disguises himself as an angle of light comes in for the kill…..just like the death angel in Egypt after Moses warned them time and time again, but they, like America, were gluttons for. punishment, the more the plagues came the more the rulers hardened their hearts to Almighty God, until the death angel not only destroyed the whole Nation, but also destroyed all the first born…..all the youth of the nation! Only those covered by the blood of the lamb over them survived! And that’s the way it’s going to be here in America……only those who are covered with the blood of Jesus Christ, who have repented of their sin, and believed, will be safe from what’s coming! Only the blood bought will travel on to the Celestial City! Jeremiah 7:16. “Therefore pray not thou for this people, neither lift up cry nor prayer for them, neither make intercession to me, for I will not hear thee!” Have we trampled under foot the blood of Christ and done such despite unto the spirit of grace until the Lord will no longer hear us as a nation? Have the days of sweeping revival come to an end? Will there ever be a time like the Welch revival in 1903-1905 when the Spirit of God moved on a whole country and people walking along the road fell in the ditches, ,under the power of God, crying out for mercy because of there sins? I don’t know! And I rather have my doubts! The times of the Gentiles are about to come to an end! The age of Gods wonderful free grace is closing fast, and the days of tribulation are upon us! It will be those who endure to the end who will be saved! May our Lord strengthen His bride and prepare her for what’s ahead! Maranatha!!

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