Earlier this week I reported on the cover-up by the Chinese government of outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Now this. Bill Holter of JSMineset is reporting a friend of his states a Chinese friend and resident of Wuhan told him they have 10,000 dead. City falling apart. And while these reports are unconfirmed, we know the most reliable sources are from people on the ground. The least reliable are state or government sources.

The Coronavirus in China is spreading, and largely could have been prevented. A town 7 km from where the virus was discovered in Wuhan had a state run banquet with 100,000 people eating off of the same dishes. This was 2 days after 49 cases were confirmed in Wuhan, China. The Chinese government is trying to save face, and now it is backfiring.

‘Everyone will get infected’ Nurse at corpse-strewn hospital says quarantine failing

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Coronavirus outbreak: Video shows dead bodies in halls of China hospital

The images from inside Red Cross Hospital in Wuhan, the city at the epicenter of the deadly viral outbreak, show covered bodies lining corridors as staffers and patients walk about with masks on their faces.


Blog Editor: 


What sort of virus has 1400 or more people catch a disease within a few weeks, in one city?

What kind of virus has people dropping like flies in the streets, and with the hospitals having patients lying on the corridor floor overcome or dead?

What country holds 40 million or more of its citizens in quarantine like conditions if there is not a major outbreak…

Why would a country try to build a new hospital within a week?

And even if there are only some 40 deaths in China so far, the breach only occurred 3- 4 weeks ago.