Commonsense Show 25 Jan 2020





Mike Adams and Dave Hodges exchanged information on the weaponized virus coming out of China. In the present time, this is a groundbreaking report  which the listener will be exposed to the following information:


  • Lancet’s Published Study on the Virus
  • The Death Rate
  • The Infection Rate
  • The First Reliable Report on the Incubation Period
  • Projected Deaths Across the Globe
  • Weaponized Features That Attacks the Heart in Survivors
  • The Very Strange Series of Viral Mutations and the Purpose Behind the Multiple Mutations
  • When Martial Law Is Implemented, There Are 9 Things You Can Count On
  • 300,000 Chinese, Perhaps As Many As a Million Have Escaped Quarantine
  • Containment Is NOT Possible At This Point
  • Economic Impact
  • and much more…..