Pandemic Or Not, Coronavirus Is Bringing Pandemonium As Killer Virus Chaos Spreads

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While the United Nations and the World Health Organization still refuse to call the coronavirus outbreak that has now struck 100 countries/territories across the world a ‘pandemic’, possibly because in doing so, the World Bank’s ‘Pandemic Bonds’ would kick in, causing ‘elite, globalist investors’ to lose huge chunks of money, we’ll take a look within this ANP story at the ‘play on words’ also being kicked around in the state of Washington about this outbreak, now being called ‘endemic’ (a subliminal hint at ‘endgame-pandemic’?) as well as some stunning new numbers being forecast of US hospitals preparing for 96 million coronavirus cases in America.

With the Evergreen Health Center in Washington recently putting out a ‘community message in which they stated they’d be ending testing for COVID-19 while calling this still growing outbreak ‘endemic’, which means the virus is now considered to be regularly found in our region amongst our population;

Previously, only individuals who had existing and known risk factors (including history of travel, exposure to a confirmed case), were considered high risk for acquiring the diseaseDr. Eric Feigl-Ding, one of the world’s leading Epidemiologist’s, responded on twitter“Most bats**t bulls**t thing I’ve heard all day. WA nursing home is ending all #COVID19 tests claiming that it’s endemic, so just forget it and not try to test and isolate people anymore? Millions of area residents are still at risk, hello?! Brain dead idea”.

While that original community message from Evergreen has since been removed with a re-direct to their website’s home page, likely after the outcry from Americans outraged that they’d put not only millions of residents of the state of Washington at risk but the entire US population as well with daily domestic travel still happening regularly in America, with one ‘brain dead idea’ after another we’re given every reason to prepare to ride out the coming storm on our own with warnings America’s healthcare system will be stretched beyond capacity.

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According to the Definitive Healthcare blog, there are approximately 900,000 hospital beds in America, down from a peak of 1.4 million back in 1975. About 2.9 hospital beds for every 1,000 people in the US, with US hospitals being told to prepare for 96 million cases and at least 1/2 million deaths, warnings of the US healthcare system potentially being overwhelmed are very real and a great concern to those paying close attention, especially with US medical workers already not wearing the proper equipment should COVID-19 be a biological weapon as Dr. Francis Boyle has warned.

With many of those hospital beds in America already being used by the ill and the elderly, considerably dropping the number of available beds for coronavirus patients, how long will it be before we begin seeing makeshift ‘coronavirus hospitals’ like the one in China that recently collapsed, trapping 70 inside?

With the doors to the Bayfront Health Center in Port Charlotte, Florida recently being barricaded by a couch by staffers who didn’t want potentially infected coronavirus patients to come in while the Fawcett Memorial Hospital also in Port Charlotte completely locking down their front doors to prevent patients from coming in without being ‘screened’ for the virus first, we’re already seeing signs of what’s to come should the spread of COVID-19 continue unchecked and America’s healthcare system is ‘in the line of fire’.

The except below comes to us from this story over at Zero Hedge.:

A sobering analysis of how coronavirus is likely to impact the US healthcare system suggests that hospitals will be quickly overwhelmed with patients, and that all available beds will be filled by around May 8th if the virus tracks with Italy’s figures and 10% of patients require an ICU.

Liz Specht, a PhD in biology and the associate director of Science and Technology for the Good Food Institute laid out her concerns in a lengthy Twitter thread on Friday, which you can see here on Twitter, or continue reading below.:

We can expect that we’ll continue to see a doubling of cases every 6 days (this is a typical doubling time across several epidemiological studies). Here I mean *actual* cases. Confirmed cases may appear to rise faster in the short term due to new test kit rollouts.


                                                                              Discussed by Chris Martenson at 17 min mark


We’re looking at about 1Million US cases by the end of April, 2M by ~May 5, 4M by ~May 11, and so on.

Exponentials are hard to grasp, but this is how they go.

As the healthcare system begins to saturate under this case load, it will become increasingly hard to detect, track, and contain new transmission chains. In absence of extreme interventions, this likely won’t slow significantly until hitting >>1% of susceptible population.

What does a case load of this size mean for healthcare system? We’ll examine just two factors — hospital beds and masks — among many, many other things that will be impacted.

The US has about 2.8 hospital beds per 1000 people. With a population of 330M, this is ~1M beds. At any given time, 65% of those beds are already occupied. That leaves about 330k beds available nationwide (perhaps a bit fewer this time of year with regular flu season, etc).

Let’s trust Italy’s numbers and assume that about 10% of cases are serious enough to require hospitalization. (Keep in mind that for many patients, hospitalization lasts for *weeks* — in other words, turnover will be *very* slow as beds fill with COVID19 patients).

By this estimate, by about May 8th, all open hospital beds in the US will be filled. (This says nothing, of course, about whether these beds are suitable for isolation of patients with a highly infectious virus.)

As Dr. Don Boys had reported on ANP on March 6th in this story titled “The Days Of Old Show Pandemics Unfold Like A Slow-Motion Disaster Movie Before Wiping Out Communities, Decimating Entire Countries & Changing The Course Of History”, pandemics begin very slowly before exploding across communities and countries as we see in the map above from Johns Hopkins CSSE of COVID-19 cases in America, it’s already beginning to ‘fill in’ rapidly compared to the same map we had published days ago showing NO cases in ‘middle-America’.

And with what we’re now seeing of coronavirus infections in America actually 2 to 4 weeks behind ‘reality’ as we had reported on ANP back on January 27th, with an incubation period of up to 27 days, ‘coronavirus Mary’s’ already on the loose, spreading the disease to others proving the very real possibility of the virus being passed on to others by people who don’t even know they have been exposed to it, we see every reason to continue to prepare for the spread of this in America as if there’ll be no coming back to what we now understand as ‘normal’ as Celeste Solum recently warned in this linked SQAlert.

As Susan Duclos had reported in this March 7th ANP story titled “The Crazy Begins: Coronavirus-Related Crimes Include ‘Mad Max’ Toilet Paper Fights, Stabbings, And Hate Crimes Commence”‘lunacy’ is already starting to emerge surrounding coronavirus, giving every American another reason to prepare to defend our families and loved ones with ammunition sales in America absolutely soaring in response to people preparing for ‘coronavirus panic’ as Yahoo Finance News had reported within this story.

And as Yahoo News had also reported within this story, one study is predicting that in a ‘very best case scenario’, more than 15 million people globally will be killed by this outbreak with a 2.4 trillion dollar hit to the global economy. As we hear in the 1st video at the bottom of this story featuring Dr. Richard Hatchett, the CEO of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, the long-term dangers of the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak is the scariest thing he’s ever dealt with in his 20 years career, comparing it to war.

So while Susan and I are absolutely thrilled that ANP readers are preparing for what is now here in America, with ‘best case scenario’ of 15 million dead hinting that a ‘worst case scenario’ could be apocalyptic, we hope that everybody is preparing to ‘shelter in place’ for a period of time if possible should it come anywhere near our own communities while gearing up for the aftermath that could look an awful lot like the aftermath of war if Dr. Hatchett is correct in this first video below. In the 2nd video, Dr. Francis Boyle joins Infowars to discuss everything about this outbreak that the mainstream media continues to censor while in the 3rd and final video below we hear why the US could be in huge trouble with the virus’s spread unmitigated.