View of Lake Como, Milan with Alps mountains in background, Italy

Photo credit: Boris Stroujko


Lombardy is one of Italy’s largest regions by size, and easily its most wealthy and populous, both due to it being where Milan is located. The region borders three Italian regions as well as Switzerland.

The northern part of Lombardy is taken up by the Alps along the border with Switzerland, with hills and flat plains covering the rest of the region. Some of Italy’s most-loved lakes are in Lombardy, including Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, and Lake Garda.

Milan is Lombardy’s economic and population center, home to most of Italy’s business and banking sector, as well as the fashion industry. It’s also where you’ll find one of Lombardy’s UNESCO sites—Leonardo da Vinci’s exceptional fresco of The Last Supper. The hilltop historic center of Bergamo is a popular day trip from Milan, as are the aforementioned lakes. Music lovers may be interested in a visit to Cremona, the birthplace of both the Stradivari and Guarini violin-making families.

Milan is a major transportation hub in Italy for both rail and air travel, with high-speed train service from both Trenitalia and Italo. There are frequent trains to and from other cities in Italy, as well as major cities elsewhere in Europe. In more rural parts of Lombardy, such as many of the lake and mountain towns, train service may not exist.


An Italian nurse whose close friend — a 59-year-old doctor whom she worked with — has died of the coronavirus described the onslaught as a “world war,” according to a report.

“It’s an experience I would compare to a world war,” Roberta Re, who works on the front lines at Piacenza hospital in Emilia-Romagna, told the Guardian of the UK.

“But it’s a war that isn’t fightable with traditional arms – as we don’t yet know who the enemy is and so it’s difficult to fight,” she said. “The only weapon we do have to avoid things getting even worse is to stay at home and to respect the rules, to do what they did in China, as this is paying off.”

Italy’s death toll from coronavirus has soared by 627 in a day – a new record.

It’s the latest grim milestone from the country, which yesterday passed China as the worst-hit by COVID-19.

France announced that 78 died of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, while Boris Johnson announced the UK would be closing bars, restaurants, cinemas and theatres in a bid to tackle the virus.

On Saturday, Germany’s southwestern state of Baden-Wuerttemberg has announced it will open its hospitals to patients from the neighbouring region of eastern France that’s struggling with a surge of infections with the virus.

The United Arab Emirates announced its first two deaths on Friday, while Tunisia said it would go on lockdown from Sunday and Colombia on Tuesday.

Earlier, it emerged coronavirus had killed more than 10,000 people worldwide, according to latest data.

A total of 11,129 deaths have been recorded, the majority in Europe (5,976) and Asia (3,432), according to AFP.

Over 258,930 cases have been confirmed in 163 countries since the start of the pandemic.

Spain, the second most-affected country in Europe, became just the fourth country in the world after China, Italy and Iran.

In France, the total death toll from the coronavirus crisis reached 450 on Friday, with 78 new deaths.

Madrid recorded 200 new deaths on Friday, taking the country’s toll beyond 1,000.

Also on Friday, the World Health Organization said Wuhan – the source of the disease – said the province provided hope for the rest of the world.

Thursday was the first day it had not recorded a new case of COVID-19 since the outbreak at the end of last year.