by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy

It wasn’t only Bill Gates who launched a suspected pandemic forecast as highlighted in previous reports in which emerged the  Microsoft’s founder business with the Big Pharma of vaccines, now ready to make tens of billions of dollars thanks the imminent marketing of that one against the CoVid-19.

Gates predicted in 2015 the event that today is proving catastrophic as it has already caused about 11 thousand deaths (much more the 814 of Sars in 2003) and has made an hecatomb in Italy with 4,032 victims, where the army trucks had to intervene to bring dozens of coffins from Bergamo to the crematorium of Modena.

At the moment the only possible explication of this very high lethality in the country is the bio-genetic weapon, a different CoVid-19 genotype “L” as the one discovered by chinese scientists, mixed with population high age and, may be, too much strong Flu immunization plan.



The IT guru’s prediction had come only a year after the start of the Biological sector by Darpa, the research agency on advanced defense systems of the Pentagon in Washington.

In the same year, the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA), a partnership between various nations of the world to accelerate specific plans of the World Health Organization, launched the Immunization Action Package vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs), choosing Italy as the pilot country in a synergy between the Democrats of the Washington and Rome governments.

This, even before the Lorenzin Decree on the 10 mandatory vaccines for children was approved in 2017, doubled the number of laboratories of the GlaxoSmithKline, the vaccine giant administered by a CEO who is also director of Microsoft Corporation as revealed by Gospa News.

That happened especially in Tuscany, the stronghold of the Democratic Party.

Well in 2018, the “Intelligence Queen” of former President Barack Obama made the same prophecy on a biological attack pandemic during a speech at the annual Camden Conference, the summit on globalization and American foreign policy, called the “Davos in the US” in reference to the famous world summit held every year in Switzerland.

Just in Davos, however, in 2017 the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) was presented, created by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and some nations, to finance the research of pharmaceutical multinationals in which has interests Gates himself, a great sponsor of the American Democrats, and awarded in 2016 with his wife with the Medal of Freedom just by Obama.

Bill and Melinda Gates awarded by former President Barack Obama

The former US president was the first supporter of the GHSA Immunization plan for Italy, also enthusiastically welcomed by the then Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, whose brother-in-law ended up under investigation for 6 million dollars miraculously rained by the US a few years earlier.

These money were intended for humanitarian interventions for African children by Unicef ​​in New York (directed by the man Obama wanted the CIA but was rejected by Congress) and instead ended up in personal current accounts… Obviously, it is only mere international coincidences!

In light of what is happening all those health prevention projects have turned out to be only a golden affair for GSK (whose SmithKline was involved in bribes in Italy before his hepatitis B vaccine became obgotorio in 1991) but above all a psychological predisposition to the super-vaccination agenda that the pandemic could make mandatory, suppressing once and for all the vibrant protests of illustrious Italian pediatricians on the risks of the Hexavalent (6 vaccines in one fell swoop to a one-year-old baby) and protests even more strenuous than the spontaneous NO-VAX committee.

The CIA’s Deputy Director prophecy about pandemic during Camden Conference 2018

It is a pity that only 67 people saw the long video on YouTube (link in the next paragraph) in which the lawyer Avril Haines, Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency from 2013 to 2015 and then Deputy Advisor of the National Security of the White House until as of January 2017 in the Obama-Biden era.

Not only does it foresee the threat of an “infectious disease for an easily transmissible pathogen that can be caught through respiratory means” but, to satisfy even the conspiracy theorists who see the pandemic a threat to individual freedoms, it repeatedly calls for the need to an “international order” that represents the diplomatic translation of the well-known and feared New World Order.

Those two words are cited at least twenty times in 26 minutes, as if they were a mantra or even a coded message, in reference to repeated reasoning on the ineffectiveness of the numerous international treaties between the United States and other nations of the world.

The message is very simple: since these agreements do not work because they connect powers with different economic, cultural and ethical heritages – instead of remarking that they often fail precisely because of Washington’s will to transgress international laws whenever it wishes (Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela) – the need for an “international order” is made clear.



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