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‘Mind boggling’ 122 million jobs lost in India, says think tank

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World leaders pledge $8 billion to fight COVID-19

World leaders and organisations pledged on Monday (May 4) $8 billion to fund research, manufacture and distribution of a possible vaccine and treatments for COVID-19, but the United States refused to contribute to the global effort. Soraya Ali report

.The world’s biggest lockdown forced 122 million people out of jobs in India last month, according to estimates from a leading private sector think tank.

Employment plunged in April after the government imposed a 40-day lockdown in a nation of 1.3 billion people, forcing businesses to shut and pushing up the jobless rate to 27.1% in the week ended May 3, surveys by the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy showed.Daily wage workers and those employed by small businesses took a massive blow, according to CMIE. These include hawkers, roadside vendors, workers employed in the construction industry and many who eke out a living by pushing handcarts to rickshaws.

“This is not just a mind-boggling number,” Mahesh Vyas, chief executive of CMIE wrote in the Business Standard newspaper. “It is a human tragedy because these are perhaps, the most vulnerable parts of society.”

The estimates of India’s job losses are more than four times the 30 million Americans who’ve filed for unemployment benefits over six weeks. The data could get worse in India with the lockdown extended in many areas, CMIE warned.

“Initially, a lockdown only hurts the most vulnerable labor that is informally employed in unorganised sectors,” Vyas said. “Gradually, it starts hitting the more secure jobs. Startups have announced lay-offs and industry associations have warned of job losses.”

More people are also looking for a job, with the participation rate rising to 36.2% in the week ended May 3 from 35.4% previously, Vyas said.

The government doesn’t publish regular jobless data, with investors relying on surveys from CMIE to give them guidance on the labor market. The last official figures from the government, released in May 2019, estimated the unemployment rate at 6.1% in the year to June 2018.

Some people who are struggling due to the lockdown and their stories:


He is a driver who drives a car and manages his
family. After the government declared lockdown,
the owner said that he cannot pay him because
he is not driving even did not gave two month of
salary. He is a Christian and whole family was in
hunger. He had no savings. Whatever they had
they ate and only another one days food was left
and during that time we distributed groceries to
him. He was very excited that he carried the rice
bag on his head and smiling.

He gave thanks to God and the people
who have sponsored this.

  1. Rasanta
    He is a Catholic Christian very poor living
    with three children. He drives a rented
    auto to run his family. I have gone by his
    auto few times and knew him. During this
    lockdown time when I asked what he is
    doing, he replied saying that wanted to go
    to his village because there is no way to
    survive here in Bhubaneswar.

So he came and we gave rice bag and shared with him
about the Lord Jesus Christ. He was much
happy and said thank you. All glory to
Jesus Christ.

  1. Kalucharan
    He belongs to untouchable people group.
    He is taking dustbin from house to house.
    He is nonbeliever and even in this time of
    lockdown he comes to take the dust.

When we gave food bag to him he was in
tears saying no other people even touches
us but you are handing out to us food bag.
He said you are great people but we told
him we are not great but one who lives in
us is greater than the one who lives in the
world. He asked who is that so we said He
is Jesus Christ the Saviour of the World.

We used this an opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He listened and went
back with very joyful heart giving thanks us and who has provided the provisions.

  1. Sulochana
    She belongs to untouchable people
    group. She is a street sweeper. She is
    Hindu lady who has lost her husband
    and living with her four children.
    Normally it is very hard for her to
    survive in the other time. But in this
    lockdown she was thinking of suicide
    leaving her four children in her
    brother’s house due to lack of food in
    her house. She does not want to see
    her children suffering in hungry.

But when she heard that we are helping in food bag, she walked about 20 kilometres to get. We gave her food bag and she said
you saved me and my children’s life. Now we take that time to share with her that we
have a good heavenly father who cares for them. She heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
She was very much thankful and gave thanks to Jesus Christ for saving her life by
providing food. Thank you Jesus Christ.

  1. Malati
    She is Malati, a very strong Hindu lady. She
    never use to take anything from anybody
    though she is very poor. But as the
    lockdown increases, the day before we
    gave her food bag this was happened. She
    saw a dream that someone is giving
    something to her because they have
    nothing left to eat the next morning with
    her husband and small child. So the next
    day very morning when we asked her if
    she can take the food bag she was crying
    saying this is what I saw in the dream, you
    are like God who came on time and giving
    us food.

She said us as God but we told her
we are not God but we are human being
like you but we serve a God who has
enabled us through His mighty servants to provide provisions people like you. We told
her about Jesus Christ, so with great excitement she received the bag and went home
happily giving thanks to God.

  1. Bhama
    She is an aged Hindu lady living alone and
    no one is helping her. She used to go
    house to house to do massage for small
    children and get money for her living. But
    due to this lockdown she is unable to go
    anywhere and when we gave her food bag
    she was very very happy and was crying
    saying, no body took care of me, not even
    my own son and daughter-in-law. But I do
    not know you but you are helping me this
    much food bag. how?

So we told her that we serve a true God who has commanded us to serve the poor and needy. So we are
serving you. We shared with her about Jesus the eternal Hope.

Jesus cares for her and she was very happy and thanks us and people who has supported.

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