Hubei and Shulan provinces in China RE-LOCK cities due to a "second wave of Covid19"


At approximately 2:00 PM eastern US time on Monday, May 11, the Chinese Provinces of Hubei and Shulan are officially re-locking-down cities because an ALLEGED “second wave” of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has broken out.

Both those provinces are about twelve hours ahead of the US east coast, so this decision was literally made in the middle of the night, as most Chinese were asleep.

People in both provinces will awaken to another round of house-arrest-type conditions.

Here in the US, citizens have had enough of tyrannical Governors ordering “shelter-in-place” which is actually no different than being under House Arrest for persons charged with a crime!   The US is re-opening all businesses within a week; with company owners told to reach out to all employees by THIS FRIDAY, May 15, and inform them they should come back to work first thing Monday, May 18 — whether Governors like it or not.

No elected public servant has the authority to ORDER citizens to stay home.  In America, the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution provides that “. . . no person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.”  A Governor’s “order” is not due process of law.

Moreover, the Ninth Amendment to the US Constitution provides “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

Courts have generally interpreted this Amendment to apply to rights that existed PRIOR TO the creation and adoption of the Constitution.   Well, prior to the creation and adoption of the Constitution, people freely went outside their homes to work, engage in commerce as buyers or sellers, open businesses, travel as they pleased to visit friends, family, neighbors, engage in recreation and the like.

Thus, the Governor’s “orders” preventing these things, is a direct violation of the Ninth Amendment, and are therefore completely invalid.

Sadly, some police officers seem to have forgotten they were required to swear an OATH to uphold the Constitution of their state and of the United States, and these officers are depriving certain citizens of their Constitutionally protecteds right under color of law.

Under US federal criminal law, Title 18, United States Code, Section 242, it is a federal felony to deprive anyone of their rights under color of law.  Those misguided police officers should cease arresting people for merely being outside, or for gathering, or for not wearing a mask, as none of those things are illegal and a Governor does not have the power to make them illegal.

Remember, Executive Orders apply to those employed by the Governor.  WE THE PEOPLE do not work for the governor; the Governor works FOR US.  We don’t take orders from our employees/public servants.

Anyway, if your employer has not yet called you about returning to work for Monday, May 18, you should call them./  REMIND THEM of the Constitutional protections cited above and tell them you expect them to stand up for freedom like so many other Americans, and re-open business by Monday, May 18.

If you want to wear a protective mask, gloves, or even goggles, at work, fine!  That’s your choice.   IF a Business OWNER wants any customers to be wearing masks to enter the business,  (i.e. “No Mask, No Service”) that’s fine, too!  (Private Property rights).

So be sure to open your business and/or go back to work by Monday, May 18 no matter who says otherwise.  It’s YOUR choice.  YOUR freedom.  YOUR right.


Comment: Wuhan never got over the 1st Wave. The news media just changed focus, to the likes of Italy, Spain and the US