Biden Issues Crazy Demands For Thanksgiving Gatherings That’s You’d Better Follow…Or ELSE!!

written by Paul Goldberg November 17, 2020

Joe Biden hasn’t won anything yet, but that hasn’t stopped him from pretending he’s president.

During a sham of a press conference, Biden claimed that if Trump doesn’t transition more power to him more people would die he issued ridiculous demands.

Biden gave us a preview of what his administration plans to do and took a page right out of California Governor Gavin Newsom’s playbook.

The wanna-be president declared the ONLY way you should be allowed to host a Thanksgiving gathering is if everyone wears masks, stays socially distanced, tests negative on the day before, and no more than ten people attend.

First of all, if everyone in the home tests negative why am I wearing a mask?

Second, if 20 people come over and everyone tests negative, why am I wearing a mask? Everyone is negative!

Is Biden claiming the tests don’t work?

The federal government doesn’t get to dictate how many people come to my private residence nor does it get to impose guidelines as to the behavior of people inside my home. Individuals have the right to mitigation this virus how they see fit. But what is the point of wearing a mask at the dinner table? The act of pulling your mask up and down would still expose other people.

Of course, you’ll be expected to follow these rules however here’s a supercut of Democrat leaders not abiding by their own restrictions.

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