• Sunday afternoon, a massive explosion at Sci Pharmtech Inc. a pharmaceutical company in Taoyuan city in Taiwan injured two workers. A fire then spread quickly to five nearby factories.

It was reported that the explosion was heard from the Tamsui District in New Taipei City.

After the explosion, thick black smoke was seen coming out from Sci Pharmtech Inc.

The fire department responded quickly and contained the fire. Firetrucks were deployed from nearby Taoyuan airport. No flights were affected by the thick black smoke.

Around 76 personnel, 28 fire equipment pieces and 2 ambulances were deployed to the scene.

Workers injured include a Philippine worker. Both were taken to Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. The 30-year old Philippine worker is in critical condition after suffering third-degree burns to 90% of his body. He is currently intubated and treated at the specialist burn unit.

The other worker, a Taiwanese, suffered a burn to one hand. He was held at the hospital for observation, but was released after eight hours.

An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the massive explosion.

The pharmaceutical company produces hydroxychloroquine APIs. 

The company is considered to be the second largest hydroxychloroquine raw material supplier in the World.

On the same day, a Chinese aircraft carrier and four other navy warships passed through Taiwan strait in the direction of the South China Sea.  It is not known if the explosion is related.

According to a fifteen year old study by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), Hydroxychloroquine is proven 100% effective at “obliterating” coronaviruses.   In one NIH study, the drug “wiped out” a coronavirus infection in a sick person, within six hours.  (Story Here)

Of course, this study and word about it, has been suppressed for the latest “coronavirus” outbreak because it is not politically expedient to be able to cure something in 6 hours, that politicians can milk for 6 months.

Citizen jopurnalists are now pointing out the entire coronavirus / COVID-19 situation is a farse, and with the latest death reporting, those journalists are proving their case. 

Below are the number of U.S. deaths for the past ten years.  Notice the total for 2020 . . . no giant spike in additional deaths!

2010: 2.5M

2011: 2.5M

2012: 2.5M

2013 :2.6M

2014: 2.6M

2015: 2.7M

2016: 2.7M

2017: 2.8M

2018: 2.8M

2019: 2.9M

2020: 2.5M (as of November)

If coronavirus / COVID-19 is such a disaster, where are all the additional deaths?  There are none.  This disease is NOT the “pandemic” the politicians are claiming.  They are making far more of this than needs to be, and using it to defraud the public of their freedom.